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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where's the Mashgiah when we need him?

I remember when I was in Yeshiva in Israel, a few of the boys would go into "Town". "Town" referred to Ben Yehuda and King George streets in Jerusalem, and the neighborhood around those streets. "Town" was a bad word then. If you went into "Town", you were one of "those guys".
I only went to "Town" if a friend or family member took me out to dinner to a restaurant in the area. (Yes, I was a goodie-goodie mostly.) I remember passing the pubs that "those guys" mentioned they went to on the way to those restaurants. About twice a year, a Mashgiah from our Yeshiva would catch a few boys going to one of those pubs, and they'd likely be kicked out of the Yeshiva - also likely, placed into a cooperating Yeshiva who dealt with boys who would do those kinds of things.
Fast forward to today.
Ynet reports on a new pub in Petah Tikvah that's Kosher in food alone. It attracts mostly promiscuous Hareidim (oxymoron?), and what goes on there should be left unmentioned. Where are the Mashgihim? We got to tell them about this place. This is just craziness.


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