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Friday, June 24, 2005

Disengagement? It ain't happenin'!

  • Arutz Sheva writes that Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Thursday repeated his claim that the Disengagement will not take place.
  • Arutz Sheva's Hebrew site says that he called out 3 times: "Hayo Lo Tihyeh" ('היה לא תהיה'), which is a fancy way of saying "It will not take place". Rav Eliyahu used the same expression in a letter publicized 2 weeks ago.
  • Also, in the Hebrew site, it says that he even donated money to an organization that plants trees in Gush Katif called Ma'amin Vezore'a ("I believe and I'm planting"). He said that he plans on coming in the 4th year of the produce to fulfil the Mitzva of Neta Reva'i. (I wonder if he's referring to the Mitzvah of actually eating it in Yerushalayim - which is an option to do only when we have a Beit Hamikdash - not redeeming it on a coin - which is the only option nowadays.)


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