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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"Watch" Out! Here Comes Mashiah!,, and Mystical Paths are all talking about a couple of watches given to Rav Mordechai Eliyahu by the Baba Sali via his son, Baba Baruch. Apparently, the watches are broken, but advance ever so slowly. One of the watches is gold and one is silver. When they reach 12:00, Mashiah is supposed to come.
Israeli TV just recently photographed the watches. The video of this should be here.
There is a bit of confusion whether the watches currently say 11:45 or 11:59.


At Tue Jun 07, 11:02:00 PM 2005, Blogger Batya said...

That's so when the Moshiach comes, there will be lots of debate.

At Wed Jun 08, 04:24:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Moshiach comes there will be no more debate. The truth will be clear for all to see.

At Wed Jun 08, 08:16:00 AM 2005, Blogger Yaakov said...

The watches in the video are not at 11:59. The silver one is 11:45, and the other one seems way off, a different hour. But we don't know when that was taped, and it could very well be that since the taping there has been a big jump forward.

Surely the inner conviction of many Jews that the disengagement is just unacceptable, and their preparation to oppose it with mesiras nefesh (in various ways) would make the watches jump.

Anyway, someone asked about this on the Moriah website and it was answered by R' Shmuel Eliyahu (son of Harav Mordechai Eliyahu, shlita) and he states there that he doesn't know what's with the watches, but that his father did indeed say "one minute to twelve" (again, not clear when, what context, which watch, etc).

Hashem is throwing hints at us left and right--let's get ready to great Moshiach with handfuls of Torah and mitzvos, and a heartful of ahavas Yisroel! We'll be happy we did!

At Thu Dec 11, 05:00:00 PM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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