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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

When Can We Achieve Unity?

I'm a big supporter of Ahdut (unity). Ahdut was achieved at Mt. Sinai, when we encamped at the mountain, ready to receive the Torah, like one person with one heart.

With the current situation in the Jewish world, Ahdut seems untenable. I believe that Ahdut can come during very low moments in time and very high moments in time. Matan Torah is an example of a high moment in time. An example of a low moment in time happened today, when a horrendous train crash occurred in Israel. At times like these, it's good that there is unity among the Jewish people, as Arutz Sheva reports:
Disengagement Protests Postponed Following Train Crash
21:40 Jun 21, '05 / 14 Sivan 5765

( The organizers of tomorrow’s nationwide anti-disengagement protests announced a short time ago the day’s activities will be pushed off for one week, to next Wednesday.

Disengagement opponents explain that following the tragedy that has befallen so many families as a result of the train crash, the decision was made to push off the road closures and other planned protests.

I believe that this was a wise decision. Even though the Mahloket is Leshaim Shamayim, it is not a time for Mahloket at all. It is time for unity. At the appropriate time, if necessary, we can restart our struggle against the disengagement, but not now. Now, it is time for unity.

Let us hope that the unity that was expressed today stemming from a low point carries over to high points like the Unity Rally that is planned, or even better, to our unified welcoming of Mashiah - like one person with one heart.


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