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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Current Ahdut Can Bring the Geula

The current Ahdut of those praying and protesting against the disengagement can bring the Geula, so writes "Avsha" on

Excerpts, translated:
What is the Geula that we can do? When a person sees in someone else something missing, and he supplements it, this is exactly like Geula


Expecting Geula can only come after actions of Geula.


There has never been felt as much brotherly unity as there is today


The awakening of all factions of religious Jews against this foolish plan testifies about this - that if they don't fight against this process now, in the future, they will need to fight against processes that are seven-fold worse.


[paraphrased] The situation parallels the Megillah story, where Haman told Ahashverosh that the Jews are Mefuzar Umforad (scattered - not united), so Esther knew how to counter that by telling Mordechai, "Go and gather ALL of the Jews" - by being united.


Even the secular and leftists are jealous and amazed at this unity which exists in the religious camp today, and it's clear that they didn't expect it.

There's no doubt that life in the religious world won't return to the way it was in the past - the sobering today is great, and the unity will only strengthen and widen because we already know its value.


('האספו ואגידה לכם את אשר יקרה אתכם באחרית הימים' (בראשית מ"ט, א'
The rabbis expounded (Bereishit Rabba 98) that Yaakov Avinu commanded them regarding division. He told them, "You should all be 1 gathering...The children of Israel became 1 unit - they prepared themselves for Geula."

Let's hope it's true!


At Thu Jul 21, 09:54:00 AM 2005, Blogger Yaakov said...

The hitnatkut, hl"s, is slated for 22 communities, k'neged the 22 letters of the Torah.

The power of Torah will overturn the hitnatkut.


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