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Monday, February 13, 2006

"Caricature" in Hebrew Reveals Yishmael's Demise

The Tsunami Kabbalist's latest lesson revealed that the word "Cartoon" or "Caricature" in Hebrew (which is קריקטורה [see here]) holds the secret of Yishmael's demise. He said that the word can be split into 2 to make קרי קטורה (or, the discharge of Ketura). Ketura, many commentaries hold, is identified with Hagar, the mother of Yishmael. further elaborates on this by saying that adultery is Yishmael's greatest sin. This is known from the Midrash that says that Hashem went to all the nations and asked them to receive the Torah and they all rejected it for one reason or another. When Hashem went to Yishmael, Yishmael rejected it because of "Thou shalt not commit adultery".
Also, the Zohar at the end of Va'era tells about Yishmael's merit to have a portion of Israel - which is Berit Milah. With their adultery and other sexual deviancies, they are spiritually lengthening their foreskins over their Berit Milah, thereby causing their merit to dissipate. So, the publicity of the cartoons (קרי קטורה) in the world reveals Yishmael's sin in the upper worlds.


At Tue Aug 18, 04:09:00 PM 2009, Anonymous William Dwek said...

Be very careful what you say about the Arabs. The Arabs are our cousins. They are our brothers. They are the descendants of Yishmael. And they are the children of Avraham and Keturah (Hagar).

The deeds of Keturah were extremely pleasing, and she is to be praised. “Keturah” means “untouched.”

Keturah lived longer than Sarah. Sarah lived until 127 years. Keturah lived until 135 years approximately. When Avraham sent Keturah away, she did not allow herself to be touched by any other man. Why? Because she loved Avraham. She always remained loyal and true to Avraham. And because of that, Avraham came back to her, and re-married her.

(Note that the name, “Keturah” is also very similar to “Ketoret,” which is the sweetest and most holy of all the offerings. It is the incense offering of 11 spices. And it is only the Ketoret which is offered by the Kohen HaGadol on Yom Kippur in the Kodesh HaKadashim.)

The Arabs pray to Hashem. They have only ONE G-D. And they pray to Hashem no less than 5 TIMES a day.

Although they have twisted the Torah, they have taken to heart 2 basic principles from the Torah - “Truth” and “Emunah in Hashem”.

Their service of Hashem is far more pleasing than us – and they are putting us to very great shame. And that is why they are flourishing.

We are an utter disgrace – and worse. Worse than you can ever imagine. The Jewish People is steeped in idolatry. Idolatry of Money.

We have dealt treacherously with Hashem, and we have become traitors to Hashem (Read the Parshiot of Nasso through to Haazinu). Our G-d, Hashem, is a “Jealous G-d,” and He will not tolerate this level of idolatry and immorality in the Jewish People.

Are we going to wake up or not?

At Tue Aug 18, 05:08:00 PM 2009, Blogger yaak said...

I have nothing against the Arabs, at least the ones that don't want us dead.
However, I cannot ignore the Zohar which tells us what will happen in the future.
Your points about how they put us to shame is correct up to a point. They do serve Hashem with Emuna, as you say, but they don't have the Torah, which we do, so their service can only hold so much weight.
When you say "we are an utter disgrace" and "We have dealt treacherously", I would qualify that to mean "Some of us". I wouldn't put the whole Jewish nation down for the actions of a few. Most of us are good people.


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