Thursday, November 09, 2006

Parade Canceled Again

Arutz Sheva:
In light of dozens of terrorist warnings and hundreds of thousands of expected protestors, the homosexual parade scheduled for Friday has been replaced by a rally. Only minor protests are expected.

It continues by talking about the Yad Hashem in its cancellation:
Speaking with Arutz-7, Rabbi Shmueli explained how he sees the "Divine hand" in evidence throughout the last few months:
"The left-wing public often threatens that when they finish with the Arab problem and bring peace, then they'll start dealing with the religious problems - which means to make war with us. So we see that when they wanted to hold this international abomination parade last summer, the war in Lebanon came along to stop them. And now again, they were about to hold it - and suddenly comes this event in Beit Hanoun with the 20 dead that compels the police to have to deal with terror threats. Not to mention that some of them simply became afraid to march..."

And don't forget what happened last year, where it was canceled due to the Disengagement.

The good guys won the battle. I wish it didn't have to involve violence and threats from all sides - a small fraction of Hareidim, the Yassamnikim, and a homosexual group. We can still say:

זה היום עשה ה' נגילה ונשמחה בו


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