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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This Shabbat and Sunday marks a period where we will read about the wiping out of Amalek 5 times within 24 hours (or at least, no more than 36 hours):
  • Parshat Zachor
  • Haftara from Shemuel
  • Mikra Megilla on Saturday night
  • Parshat Amalek Sunday morning
  • Mikra Megilla Sunday morning

The destruction of Amalek, besides being a Mitzvat Aseh, is a vital part of the Ge'ula process. It is the act that will make Hashem's Name complete and His Throne complete.

Here are a list of jblogs that have discussed Amalek recently:
Rabbi Avi Shafran's view in Cross Currents
Divrei Chaim taking issue with it
Divrei Chaim on making peace with Amalek
Hirhurim on Rav Soloveitchik's view
Daf Notes on how Torah will defeat Amalek
Daf Notes on defeating Amalek only through natural means

Update - More Links
Rabbi Lazer Brody on the War Against Doubt
Rabbi Tzvi Fishman on combating Amalek's ability to cause us to sin sexually
Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb on really hating Amalek
Rafi G. on Emuna to defeat Amalek

Also, the leader of Iran may have more than deeds in common with Amalek:

If you spell his first name as מהמוד, his gematria equals המן (see for an explanation having to do with the Farsi language).
If you spell his last name as אחמדיננעג'ד, his gematria equals עמלק.

Purim Torah, you say?
Perhaps not.


At Thu Mar 01, 03:29:00 AM 2007, Blogger Rafi G. said...

great gematriya...

I will add to your list. I wrote a post about amalek (sort of) at


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