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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Har Habayit and Shechem got hit.

Shechem - city of Yosef. Yerushalayim - city of Yehuda.
I hope this symbolizes that Yosef and Yehuda are coming together.

Yishmael should know that its time in Israel is very limited.

See also Nava's blog about it.


At Sun Feb 17, 03:10:00 PM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read in a Sicha from the Rebbe that the building of Yerushalaim is connected to the destruction of Tyre in Lebanon. And this earthquake started in Tyre!
I cannot stop thinking about it!

At Sun Feb 17, 07:27:00 PM 2008, Blogger nava said...

wowowo - terrific insight and fantastic connection.
Moshiach ben Yosef
Moshiach ben David

At Mon Feb 18, 01:13:00 AM 2008, Blogger Rafi G. said...

hope you are right, but the whole country, pretty much, got hit...

At Mon Feb 18, 03:19:00 AM 2008, Blogger Devorah Chayah said...

And I didn't feel a thing! :-(

At Mon Feb 18, 03:46:00 PM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reb Lazer felt it in Ashkelon/Ashdod.

I second Nava on the insight. But, just the week before those brush-fire people tried to torch Yosef's Tomb AGAIN!

And I wonder where that hole, left behind from the quake, leads to? And did you hear how they condemned Israel (of course...) and blamed it on the digging under Har HaBayit?

Well, to me this means that THEY WERE DIGGING where they shouldn't be!

At Wed Feb 20, 11:12:00 AM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Wed Feb 20, 04:47:00 PM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous:
If that's the case, then HaShem would be quaking the earth of Israel every day!!!
Maybe Shas should look into their own 'party' why the earth is quaking.

At Wed Feb 20, 11:42:00 PM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fellow anonymous, you hit the button.

At Sun Feb 24, 03:19:00 AM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benizri cited the Yerushalmi. Before the Yerushalmi gives this reason for earthquakes, it gives a reason that Shas must take to heart.


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