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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

List of Things to do on Wednesday

This doesn't even get close to the list my wife has to do, but here goes (leaving out some things, but here are the major ones):

  1. Get up for Neitz minyan
  2. Say Shaharit
  3. Say Birkat Hahama
  4. Attend Siyum
  5. Eat a literal breakfast
  6. Burn Hametz
  7. Shave Lichvod Yom Tov
  8. Go to work (unfortunately)
  9. Lunch-time nap??
  10. Come home and help wife with tons of stuff
  11. Say this (if there's time)
  12. Shower Lichvod Yom Tov
  13. Make Eiruv Tavshilin
  14. Go to Minha/Arvit with Hallel
  15. Think of ways of getting kids involved in Seder
  16. Go to seder and get the kids who were up since 5:30 AM involved in the seder (i.e. Mission Impossible)
  17. Shir Hashirim (if I can keep my eyes open)
  18. Help wife with clean-up
  19. Plotz!


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