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Monday, April 06, 2009

Music for Birkat Hahama?

The city-wide Birkat Hahama gathering is expected to have a band playing music as part of the celebration.

But is music really appropriate for Birkat Hahama? There should be proof to say that for Birkat Hahama itself, music is not appropriate. The proof is that we still require a Siyum for Ta'anit Bechorot in order for the firstborn to break their fast. If music would be appropriate for Birkat Hahama, that would mean that we should have a Se'udat Mitzvah for it (an appropriate time for music, like a berit milah), which would be reason enough to break the fast. However, since we also require a Siyum, this shows that music is not appropriate for Birkat Hahama in and of itself.

2 possible answers:

1) אה"נ, music is not appropriate for Birkat Hahama, but it's appropriate for the Siyum itself so there's no harm to have it.

2) Birkat Hahama on Erev Pesah is a prelude to the Ge'ula Sheleima, so, just as Miriam and the women took out drums and cymbols from Egypt to play music in their belief of the upcoming Ge'ula, we can do so too, and even start playing for Birkat Hahama.


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