Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quote of the Year about Iran's President

Dallas Morning News via Honest Reporting:
After all, giving the Holocaust-denying fruitcake Ahmadinejad a platform to lecture the world about racism is like inviting Bernie Madoff to headline a global conference on business ethics.

The הגדה של פסח says:

בכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותינו

What is עומדים? Standing. It doesn't say לוחמים נגדנו לכלותינו (fighting against us to destroy us) - but rather, עומדים עלינו - standing up against us. This must be referring to standing up to speak against עם ישראל. The speeches come first, and later comes the fighting. In the end, Hashem is מצילנו מידם - from their hand (i.e. from the fighting).
This is what Hitler ימ"ש did originally before he started to be לוחם נגדנו. He used the power of his voice against us. This is what Ahdmedinejad ימ"ש has done for the past few years, most recently at Durban II.

May הקב"ה be מצילנו מידם like He did so many times before.


At Tue Apr 28, 12:21:00 PM 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bernie Madoff, a man who at one point in his life was head of the Nasdaq stock exchange and fortunate enough to serve on the Yeshiva University board. I've heard enough Lashan Harrah about him. I empathize with those who have lost millions, but I heard the stories over and over and so have the secular Americans. Let the United States justice system deal with it. I hear he's got a private room all to himself for 23 hours out of the day. Hopefully, he'll have sometime to think about proper money management.

With that said, the point I am trying to make here is that we should not even go as far as to bless Ahmadinejad by comparing him to Madoff, rather we should all wake up and see its Ahmadinejad that we should be mocking in our heads and with our words.

This fool announces to the world that he has nuclear weapons. I give him an A for the element of surprise. Let this preacher explore his inner thoughts of anti-antisemitism in front of international press.

He may present a clear military threat to Israel. A threat that may warrant plans of action, but who knows when or how these plans will be executed by the Israeli army! Will other countries be involved? How could we know?

In addition, we must understand and trust that Hashem would not allow for Israel to be eradicated by this fruitjob. As was the case in Purim. Who was the fool pulling the horse at the end?

I hope my Emunah in Hashem inspires some of you. Teffilah is still a strong weapon against our enemies.

CG<8>- In response to the post.


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