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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rav Shmueli: Buy 2 suits to greet Mashiah

Rav Shmueli, in his weekly shiur, talks a lot about how one must prepare for the seder night. It's worth listening to the whole thing for those who understand Hebrew.

Here's a clip of that shiur, to which I added subtitles, where he mentions that one should buy 2 new suits - 1 for Birkat Hahama and 1 for Pesah - so that we can say shehehiyanu on them, so we perhaps can merit to greet Mashiah.

Sorry for the "static" in the video. It was in the original.


At Wed Apr 01, 09:44:00 AM 2009, Blogger Devorah said...

Buy two suits? He's extremely optimistic, considering that people can't afford to buy food these days. Anyway, I hope he's right.


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