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Monday, April 06, 2009

Rav Shmueli on the Targums on Leil Shimurim

Rav Shmueli recently gave a Shiur, where most of it talks about the connection of Leil HaSeder to the future Ge'ula.

This is based on the Targum Yonatan and Targum Yerushalmi on the verse ליל שמורים הוא לה' להוציאם מארץ מצרים, where both Targums talk about the "fourth night".

The Targum Yerushalmi says:

ליליא רביעאה כד ישלים עלמא קיציה למִתפרקא, חבלי רשעא ישתיצון וגירי פרזלא יתברון, משה יפוק מן גו מדברא, ומלכא משיחא מן גו רומא, דין ידבר בריש עננא, ודין ידבר בריש עננא, ומימרא דה' מדבר בין תרויהון, ואינון מהלכין כחדא, הוא ליל פסחא קדם ה' נטיר ומזמין לכל ישראל לדריהון.

Here's my "Targum" into English of the Targum Yerushalmi:
On the fourth night, when the world will complete its end to be redeemed, the ropes of evil will be cut and the arrows of iron will be broken. Moshe will come out from the middle of the desert and the King Mashiah from the middle of Rome. This one will speak from the top of a cloud and this one will speak from the top of a cloud, and the Word of Hashem will be spoken between both of them, and they will travel as one. That is the night of Pesah before Hashem, guarded and prepared for all of Israel for their generations.

Could the fact that Mashiah coming from Rome (which is an oft-mentioned concept in the Gemara and Midrashim) have anything to do with the recent earthquake near there?
Could Birkat Hahama and Leil HaSeder give Rome the one-two punch that sparks the Ge'ula?

Stay tuned...

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At Mon Apr 06, 06:48:00 PM 2009, Blogger Neshama said...

You know, I immediately thought about how Rome (Italy) was created (sword etc) when I heard about the earthquake, and whether this was a siman for something important, especially when we are going to Bless the Sun on erev Pesach!!

Thanks for posting this.

At Mon Apr 06, 07:14:00 PM 2009, Anonymous Shiloh said...

The new moon was spotted in Israel on friday the 27th, and according to the Torah, the festival of matzah is 15 days later. Not on the wed night coming. The blessing is on the wrong day to coincide with erev pesach according to the Torah. True, it follows the fixed calendar invented in the 4th century. I wonder if this will then not acheive what we all hope. We will have to wait.

At Mon Apr 06, 09:43:00 PM 2009, Blogger yaak said...

Italy was created when Shelomo Hamelech married his Egyptian wife. I don't know the connection though, other than his descendant, Mashiah, correcting this sin.

I know your position, but it's wrong. You don't believe in the authority of the rabbis, and that's too bad. We have a Torah Shebe'al Peh which is very important to follow, transmitted to us via the rabbis orally and then written down. One day, we hope, you'll get it.

At Mon Apr 06, 10:11:00 PM 2009, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Yaak, The rabbi's have NO authority to change the Torah. There is also a group of rabbi's who acknowledge this fact that the dates are wrong but believe they must wait for the Sanhedrin to be reestablished in order to correct these dates. It is rather funny when one defends the Torah of Moshe, does what it says, there are those who cannot handle this fact that they are following a replacement theology, just as Prohecied by the one we wont follow, that is Moshe. So we go on, we will be continually punished Yaak. We continue to ignore the Torah from Moshe. One day Yaak, you will see why I say this. Still, Pesach Sameach to you.

At Mon Apr 06, 10:29:00 PM 2009, Anonymous Shiloh said...

So, now can you answer my question. The blessing does not fall on Erev Pesach according to the Torah from Moshe, from Har Sinai. According to the sighting of the moon in Israel. It is only according to a calculated calendar from the 4th century. So how does that mean it will have any more merit then it would every 28 years. I hope it is the beginning of the geulah. In all reality, Yaak, it is, but not because the blessing of the sun falls on this date. It is because haShem has sent the answer before the problem exists. We don't see it, so He makes us think we are just being good little sheep and have our part to play. We do, but it has been out of our hands for the last 7 years. The good part is, the breaches in the Torah will be corrected soon from the inside. The bad news is, that there will be many religious who will have their world shaken just a little bit. By the way, I am not against an Oral Torah. I am against when it contradicts the Written Torah, the prophets and the when the motives are impure. All the best.

At Tue Apr 07, 10:08:00 AM 2009, Blogger yaak said...

I pray for your understanding how the Oral Torah in inseparable from the Written Torah. The rabbis have transmitted the Torah of Moshe, don't you get it? Without the Oral Torah and the rabbis explanations to it, we'd be blind men feeling in the dark as to what was transmitted at Sinai. One day, you will understand.

At Thu Apr 09, 05:00:00 PM 2009, Blogger Devorah Chayah said...

I don't understand what is meant by "fourth night." Does this mean on the third day of chol hamoed which this year would coincide with Motza"sh?

At Fri Apr 10, 03:49:00 AM 2009, Blogger Devorah Chayah said...

Oh, never mind. I get it now. The fourth day of the week, duh!
Chag sameach! :-D

At Sun Apr 12, 12:10:00 AM 2009, Blogger yaak said...

Actually, Devash, I only talked about the fourth of the four nights that occurred on leil pesah. The Targumim go through the first 3 nights that occur on leil pesah.
1) When the world was null and void and Hashem's word was revealed to the world to be created.
2) When Avraham Avinu got the prophecy of Berit Bein Habetarim
3) When the first-born of Egyptians died.


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