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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dog Bites Lying Store Owner reports: A store owner in Petah Tikvah cheated in Kashrut matters (having to do with possible Orlah in grapes) and then lied about it, with the Mashgiah not believing a word he said. To make himself more believable, he announced to the Mashgiah, "I promise that my story is true, and if not, I should be cut up into pieces."

Minutes later, a big dog entered his store and pounced on him and bit him so much that the store-owner suffered wounds and needed to be hospitalized.

On his way to the hospital, the store-owner later admitted that he lied, and attributed the incident to appear to being a "Kpeida from Shamayim for [the former Mara De'Atra of the city, who gave this store a "Hidur" Hechsher] Rav Solomon Zt"l because I tried to lie." He promised to be more careful with Kashrut in the future.


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