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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blabbering Buffoon: Bibi to Build Beit Hamikdash

YNet: Sheikh Salah: Netanyahu wants to rebuild Temple
Salah claimed that the government continued constantly to dig tunnels under the Temple Mount and the al-Aqsa Mosque, and that Netanyahu was planning to complete during his current term what he did not complete during his first one – "to dig additional tunnels under al-Aqsa and rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount."

The Muslim students responded by chanting, "Allahu Akbar" (God is great).
To quote Elder of Ziyon:
That's funny - if I heard that Netanyahu was building the Third Temple on the Temple Mount, I'd also say "God is great."


At Wed Jun 17, 08:23:00 PM 2009, Blogger Neshama said...

This arab is reacting to the 'climate' in the ME, and if he is afraid that we Jews are going to build the Third Temple, he may be reacting to 'something in the energy surrounding Yerushalayim.'

Hashem keeps sending us 'morse code' and it is up to us to decipher it. It may not be so so crazy. We are davening for the Geula, and the redemption, and the ingathering, and also the Temple. So why are we amazed that those who are 'holding everything back' might also feel the energy in the Holy air of Yerushalayim!?

In all seriousness, in the early 1940's did anyone think Eretz HaKodesh would be entering real-time history very soon?

At Thu Jun 18, 02:10:00 AM 2009, Blogger Tidbits of Torah said...

Very good comment - Neshama

At Thu Jun 18, 07:00:00 AM 2009, Anonymous Shiloh said...

It was a joke Yaak. Let's not be so serious.

At Thu Jun 18, 07:48:00 AM 2009, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Good point Neshama. We only hope that we reach the geulah for everyone. The sad part is though, people like the guy making the comment about Bibi, is that their motivation is to cause chaos. No one can do anything in all reality, and I don't think anyone would be so stupid. Let's hope haShem brings the redemption for all.

At Thu Jun 18, 11:10:00 AM 2009, Anonymous MAOZ said...

So this sheikh said that Netanyahu wants to "rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount"?

Glad to see he's publicly putting the lie to Arafat-yemach-shmo's claim that the Temple never existed there....

At Fri Jun 19, 03:29:00 AM 2009, Anonymous miriam said...

Hah! Good point, Maoz.


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