Monday, February 15, 2010

Hurva News

With 1 month left until the rededication of the Hurva synagogue, reports that the pictures on the wall of the synagogue have been restored.

Meanwhile, Ma'an News (as quoted by VIN and Shirat Devorah) reports that:
Palestinian Supreme Judge Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi warned on Monday that Israeli institutions, settler groups and the current Israeli government are working to fulfill the 18th century Rabbi Vilna Goan's prophecy declaring that the Third Temple would be re-built by 16 March 2010.

שָׁמְעוּ עַמִּים, יִרְגָּזוּן; חִיל אָחַז, יֹשְׁבֵי פְּלָשֶׁת

The peoples have heard, they tremble; pangs have taken hold on the inhabitants of Philistia.


At Mon Feb 15, 09:22:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Palestinian wanna be Vilna Gaon follower is most probably incorrect about his immediate predictions for the Bais Hamikdash.

But, in the spirit of the Up and coming Purim Chag lets focus on the miracle of Shushan, Persia where "Esther" saved the Jewish nation from execution from Haman in between the time period of the first and second Bais Hamikdash.

Tamimi, a word of advice, the Gedolim of the Jewish faith have been yearning for a 3rd temple. Your interest in its presense on the Temple Mount is beyound reasonable doubt conflicting with your role as a Palestinian Justice.

But, thank you for your predictions Your Honor!

At Mon Feb 15, 09:26:00 PM 2010, Anonymous wazir said...
accroding to rav dahan there will be something happening between purim and pesach


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