Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shekalim Message for Iran

We read in the gemara megilla that the reason why the giving of Shekalim starts from Rosh Hodesh Adar is because Hashem saw in the future that Haman would use 10,000 talents of silver against the Jewish people, so in order to preempt him, he needed to give this Mitzva of Shekalim starting from Rosh Hodesh Adar.

This Thursday, February 11th, Iran plans to show a "stunning punch" against the West.

Rav Shmueli in his weekly shiur (from the 1:30-2:30 mark), said that this month, he will hold his Erev Rosh Hodesh (Yom Kippur Katan) prayers on Wednesday. He explains that Rosh Hodesh falls out on Sunday, so it cannot be done on Shabbat and also, cannot be done on Friday. On Thursday, they already have the last fast for Shovavim with other prayers planned. Therefore, the Erev Rosh Hodesh prayers will be done on Wednesday.

Nice way to preempt the Ayatollah.