Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interesting Articles and Posts

Tomer Devorah talks about a right-wing American calling for the deportation of left-wing Jews, and that this could lead to no distinction between any type of Jew.

Shirat Devorah gives a list of cause-and-effect sins and punishments given to those who harmed or tried to harm the Jews of Israel. talks about how ObamaCare is prompting American doctors to consider Aliya.

Hirhurim has an interesting post with a quote that contains some information that was new to me about the Hurva Synagogue.

Rafi links to an article and video of Rav Shmuel Eliyahu being interviewed by a Chabad rabbi and talking, in part, about Mashiah.

The Tribune talks about the case of a divorced couple where the father is Catholic, but the mother is Jewish, the daughter is Jewish, the father's lawyer is Jewish, and the judge is Jewish. The Jewish lawyer is pleading to the Jewish judge to allow the Catholic father to take the Jewish daughter to church. B"H, the judge has seichel and didn't allow it, but the case is both absurd and sad.


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