Monday, May 10, 2010

Geula-Related Stuff

Rome is crumbling - now the Colesseum is falling apart after its neighbor, Nero's Palace, had some issues 6 weeks ago. Italy in general is not having good Mazal lately. Interestingly, the countries called PIIGS are very much tied to Edom, who is represented by a pig.

Geulah Perspectives continues his excellent super-commentary on the Gr"a's Even Sheleima.

Shirat Devorah has a nice guest post by Daniel S. who applies Pesukim, Midrashim, and Zohar to the current situation we're in.

Shirat Devorah also on the first plague.

Mystical Paths looks at our current matzav and notes that we seem to be living in a time that fulfils Biblical and Talmudic prophecy.


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