Friday, November 12, 2010

Romi and Paras Getting Friendly With Each Other

Fox News:
VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI has told Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the discrimination and violence Catholics suffer in the Mideast and said he hopes relations between the local churches and authorities can improve.

The Vatican released the text of a letter Benedict wrote Ahmadinejad after receiving a letter from the Iranian leader last month. Ahmadinejad had thanked the pontiff for opposing a Florida pastor's threat to burn the Quran on the Sept. 11 anniversary.

In his letter, dated Nov. 3 but released only Thursday, Benedict noted that a recent meeting of Mideast bishops had decried the discrimination many Catholics face in the region. He said he hoped a bilateral commission would help address the legal status of the Catholic Church in Iran.
The full text of the letter can be found here, where it starts like this:
To His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Mr President,

I am writing to acknowledge the courteous words of greeting and the reflections that Your Excellency kindly sent me by the good offices of His Excellency Mr Hojjat ol Eslam Haj Sayyed Mohammed Reza Mir Tajjadini, Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The spiritual arm of Romi is getting friendlier with Paras, while the physical arm of Romi is still mostly at odds with it.  This makes for an interesting scenario in the future.  See Yoma 10a.

Perhaps, when the gemara brings down the 2 opinions of Romi falling in the hands of Paras and Paras falling in the hands of Romi, they are really not arguing.  Perhaps, Romi falling in the hands of Paras refers to the spiritual battle as we see the Islamization of Europe and the Pope kowtowing to an evil man.  And Paras falling in the hands of Romi refers to the physical battle that always seems to be on the horizon.

Alternatively, Romi falling into the hands of Paras refers to Europe, whereas Paras falling into the hands of Romi refers to America, where Islam is having issues.

Note how the Tosefot Ri"d and Mahara"l include Yishma'el in "Paras" here.  (See this post.)

I noticed that Abravanel wants to say that the two opinions can both be true, but in a slightly different fashion.  He says that Paras, which could mean Turkey (see also this post), will capture Italy, while Romi will then take revenge in the land of Paras.

Anyways, as I hinted to, it's possible that Romi's spiritual arm getting friendly with what we know as Paras (Iran)  might be a catalyst - not a hindrance - to the Geula.


At Sat Nov 13, 04:10:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Yitzko said...

It is not a surprise that the Pope is trying to improve his relations with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad because the Pope who propagates the lie that a human being is Ha-shem has the greatest amount of tumah in Edom's Kingdom, while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who plots to annihilate the Jews with a nuclear bomb (chas ve shalom) has the greatest amount of tumah in Yishmael's kingdom. This same association was seen during World War 2 when the Church allied itself with another Jew killer. I hope that this is not a predictor of things to come.

At Sun Nov 14, 01:40:00 PM 2010, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Just so we can spot it quickly, where on each page (Tosefot Ri"d and the Maharal) does it mention that Yishmael is part of Paras? My eyes are a bit tired right now, but I have to go and learn.

At Sun Nov 14, 05:01:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Massoud said...

The Mahara"l's opinion in the book Netzah Yisrael (Ch. 21) and in his work Ner Mitzvah is: "...It appears that we can say that Yishmael is included in the Kingdom of Paras (Persia), and it's included in a second kingdom, as their conduct and deeds are similar. And it's a known fact that the Kingdom of Paras and the Kingdom of Yishmael are alike and similar in their matters and their conduct."

At Mon Nov 15, 05:56:00 AM 2010, Blogger yaak said...

Tosefot Ri"d:
In the first paragraph of Avoda Zara Mahadura Tinyana (on the left-hand side) near the bottom of the paragraph, he says:
ופרס היא משעבדת בגליות בבל והיא מלכות ישמעאל
המולכת עכשיו

Left column near the bottom of the page in Hidushei Aggadot on Avoda Zara 2b (he may say it in Netzah Yisrael and Ner Mitzvah too, as Massoud pointed out).
ומקשה מאי שנא הני דחשיב, ומאי [שנא] הני דלא
חשיב ומתרץ דהני תרתי משכי מלכותייהו
עד מלכות המשיח. יש לך להבין דברי חכמים,
כי מה שכלל כל העולם, הוא מלכות אדום ומלכות
ישמעאל. כי מלכות ישמעאל ומלכות פרס נחשבים
כמו מלכות אחד לגמרי. כי יש להם שייכות זה

At Mon Nov 15, 12:24:00 PM 2010, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Thank you, Ya'ak.

It is so so close. Netanyahu caved today on the Freeze, but not on Yerushalayim. This was a surprise that after all the threats that the US would abstain when the UNSC votes on PA statehood, in a seven hour conversation with Shrillary Clinton, Netanyahu stood his ground on Yerushalayim. I am sure the pressure is coming with regards to Yerushalayim, but if Netanyahu is who he might be, he will not cave on Yerushalayim. Time will tell. The Arab League's next demand is that the Freeze should include "East" Jerusalem.

If he does not cave on Yerushalayim, his life will be threatened by the Erev Rav who value their relationship with the EU and Obama. This is in line with Medrash Sefer Eliyahu that the last leader "at the appointed future time of the End of Days" would be TRMLO which was obviously Olmert. Since I still believe that is the case because Sefer Eliyahu is such an ancient source, what does that make Netanyahu? The answer is obvious. By the way his name does mean "HaShem gave Binyamin". You see Yehudah deserves a gift for being the guarantor for Binyamin when he took him down to Egypt to ostensibly buy food. Yet Binyamin turned out to be a gift for Yosef. So at the End of Days Mashiach ben David deserves a gift. It is the same gift that Yehudah brought down to Egypt. It was and will be Binyamin. But this time HaShem will give the gift to the son of David. This is a fulfillment of the verse "When Shilo comes his will be an assembly of nations." Shilo is "Shai lo", "Gift to him". In short "HaShem will give Binyamin" just as Yehudah gave Binyamin. I hesitate to publish this because MBY is supposed to come in a hidden way. But here it goes.

Of course this all falls apart if Netanyahu caves again.

At Thu Nov 18, 03:20:00 PM 2010, Blogger RAM said...

Does this kind of "analysis" lead us anywhere we want to go? Do you have a betting pool, where the timing determines the winner? Let take care of those matters (Torah and Mitzvos) that we are charged to do.

At Thu Nov 18, 05:03:00 PM 2010, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes Ram. Here in Yehudah, the Shomron, and even "East" Jerusalem we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of coming evictions which are part of this process. We have to prepare in faith, that the redemption is very near. It helps to know that when one is about to undergo excrutiating pain that G-d has a purpose for that pain and that salvation is right around the corner.


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