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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please Continue to Pray for Jerusalem Bombing Victims

My uncle was caught up in the middle of last week's Jerusalem bombing. 

He B"H was not hurt in the blast.

He later visited one of the wounded in the hospital - Odelia Nechama bat Michal.  He was not able to go inside the room as she was and still is in critical condition, but he talked to her father.  Her father requested that he should publicize to all to pray for a Refu'a Sheleima for his daughter as she is living solely on the Tefillot of Am Yisrael.

In fact, here is what the site says:
Odelia Nechama bat Michal - suffered serious head injuries and is in intensive care. Odelia had more surgery performed on March 29, and was put on a respirator. Her family is asking for increased prayers for her recovery.
Here is the full list of victims from the same page.  Please remember, even those that are released from the hospital are still in need of Refu'ot, whether they be physical or psychological:

The following information is based on updates from OneFamily case workers who are visiting the victims wounded in the most recent attacks, in hospitals and at their homes. Please credit OneFamily when forwarding this information.

Please pray for the following civilians injured in the Jerusalem bombing on March 23:

Natan Daniel ben Shulamit - a 17-year-old student who is in serious condition. He suffered massive internal injuries and has had a number of internal organs removed. He also suffered serious injuries to the neck and shoulder and will be in hospital for a while.

Leah Bracha bat Shoshana Batya - is a 19-year-old seminary student. She suffered burns to her legs and arms as well as serious shock.

Odelia Nechama bat Michal - suffered serious head injuries and is in intensive care. Odelia had more surgery performed on March 29, and was put on a respirator. Her family is asking for increased prayers for her recovery.

David ben Janette - David is the owner of the snack stand next to the bus stop. He told everyone to run away and then called the police, and was on the phone with them when the bomb exploded. He suffered injuries to his legs and feet and lower body. He is recovering in the hospital.

Sasson ben Shulamit - This is the second time Sasson has been injured in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. He suffered lower body injuries and serious post-traumatic symptoms. He was released from the hospital the day after the attack and is slowly recovering at home.

Ad Shapira - Ad is 18 years old and just about to complete high school. She suffered light orthopedic injuries and is in good condition in hospital.

Shilo ben Zehava Ofra - Shilo is 15 years old, and suffered burns and fractures to his legs and lower abdomen. He is sedated in intensive care.

Daniel Yehuda ben Rachel Nurit - Daniel is 13 years old, and suffered lacerations and shrapnel injuries to his lower extremities, and was released from the hospital on Sunday morning.

Elchanan Ovadya ben Alona - Elchanan is 14 years old, and suffered serious injuries to his feet. One ankle and three of his toes were crushed. He has had one operation and will require more surgery. He will likely be in the hospital at least 2-3 weeks.

Netanel ben Shlomit - Netanel is 18 years old and works as a security guard at the bus station. He was injured in the abdomen had surgery. He is still in serious pain but was released from the hospital on Sunday and will remain under observation at home.

Yishai Chaim ben Bruriah

Reuven Chai ben Mala

Shaindel bat Raizel

Yisrael ben Dina

The following are victims wounded in rocket attacks in southern Israel:

Osnat bat Mamit She was woken by the warning siren at 5:30 in the morning, and while running from her room, she tripped over her baby's bed and sustained injuries to her legs and back.

Miriam bat Rubikhi is an 81-year-old women who was running in response to the siren, and tripped and fell, breaking her knee.


At Wed Mar 30, 11:04:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Moussa said...

At some point (hopefully very soon), Ha-shem will exact a very very heavy retribution from the palestinians for killing and injuring so many Jews as well as for trying to steal our land. Ha-shem will also exact the same heavy retribution from the nations of the world for pressuring Israel to create a terrorist palestinian state within its borders and for preventing Israel from destroying these evil people.

At Wed Mar 30, 03:38:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am praying for the wounded. Each day 3 Psukim.

Hashem hears our prayers. Please pray for these people. Our people.

At Thu Mar 31, 06:00:00 AM 2011, Blogger bracha said...

Thank you YAK for posting those name to include in our Tefillos.

Ladies and girls! please add them to your prayers after you light the Shabbat candle/s as well.

I eagerly look forward to nisssim v'nifla'ot and b'surot tovot.

May all our prayers be answere by open miracles!

Yidden! Don't ever under-estimate the power of your prayes!

"karov Hashem l'chol kor'av" - Hashem is near to ALL who call to Him!!!

At Thu Mar 31, 06:30:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the updates letting us know how the Jerusalem bombing victims are doing. Thanks also to One Israel who visits the injured and reports on their progress. Refuah shlemah to everyone and may we know no more tragedies like this.

At Fri Apr 01, 02:12:00 PM 2011, Anonymous shaya g said...

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At Fri Apr 01, 02:25:00 PM 2011, Blogger yaak said...

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At Mon Jul 11, 01:50:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Jerusalem Prayer Team said...

Prayers and thoughts for the innocent people who were attacked in Jerusalem. Let us all be strong and join hands in praying for peace in Jerusalem.


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