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Friday, March 18, 2011

Zecher LeMahatzit HaShekel over $10.00/person - Almost Double Last Year

The amount per person for Zecher LeMahatzit Hashekel this year (I heard 9 grams of silver, but I now see this says a bit less than 10 grams of silver) has jumped to over $10.00! Last year, it was almost half that.

According to, when I enter 9 grams in, I get:

Values Entered:

Silver ounces: 0

Silver grams: 9

Purity: .999+ (pure)

Silver price: $35.24 / troy ounce


Total silver value is $10.20.

If I enter 10 grams, it's $11.35!

According to

May we all have a happy Purim and help out the pur this Purim without going pur ourselves.

I tried to write Purim Torah this year, but I didn't like how it came out. Maybe I'll revise it and post it next year, as we know Purim will not be Bateil - no matter what happens.

Here are some cute Purim Torah links from the jblogosphere:

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Purim Allegre/Happy Purim/Purim Same'ah to all!


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