Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chicago Jewish Population Figures: A Mixed Bag

Source: JTA

The Good:
NEW YORK (JTA) -- The Chicago Jewish community grew by 8 percent over the past decade, or more than 21,000 people, according to a new demographic study.

The study, which the Jewish United Fund and Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago commissions every 10 years, found that the number of Jews living in the Chicago area increased for a third consecutive decade, to 291,800.

Chicago’s overall population over the same period grew by only 3.5 percent.


Among other findings, half of Chicago Jews have been to Israel, 86 percent of children aged 6-18 have had a formal Jewish education and nearly all the respondents said that being Jewish was important to them.
The Bad:
The Chicago study also found that intermarriage had increased from 30 percent in 2000 to 37 percent in 2010, and that more than 90,000 of the 148,100 Jewish households had at least one non-Jewish member.


At Tue Jul 19, 04:00:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Berebi said...

A new study revealed by the Knesset Information and Research Center in November 2010 shows high rates of intermarriage among Jewish communities in the Diaspora.
One of the study’s most surprising findings shows that intermarriage rates among religious and secular families are almost identical.
While in the United States 55% of all Jews married non-Jewish partners, intermarriage rates in Australia, Canada and Turkey fluctuate between 25%-30%.
An intermarriage rate of 35%-45% was recorded among the Jewish Diaspora in France, Britain and most of Latin America.
The study revealed much higher figures in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where 65% of Jews exchanged nuptials with non Jews, while Russia came out on top of the list with a 75% rate of intermarriage.
Mexico, on the other hand, recorded the lowest level of intermarriage, with only 15% of Jews marrying outside of their faith.
If the Moshiach does not come quickly, there won't be an ingathering of the exiles chas ve shalom.

At Wed Jul 20, 03:06:00 AM 2011, Blogger Yonatan said...

Alternatively, the flow of Jews into Israel for the last 65 years is an ingathering of the exiles...


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