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Monday, November 07, 2011

Eid-Al-Adha Coincides with Parshat Vayeira This Year

The Muslim holiday of Ein-Al-Adha, which commemorates Ibrahim's alleged willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael to Allah according to Muslim tradition, coincides with Parshat Vayeira this year. Parshat Vayeira, as many know, is the Parasha in which Avraham Avinu is willing to sacrifice Yitzhak Avinu on Mount Moriah.  In fact, it was Yishmael who was left behind with the donkey to whom he was compared. 

This convergence is a rare occurrence due to the fact that the Muslim calendar is solely lunar-based.  I don't know what the significance of this is, but I have a guess.
The last few times this occurred (based on the United States commemoration of this holiday):

Nov 7, 1848

Oct 23, 1882

Nov 10, 1913

Oct 19, 1915
Nov 5, 1946
Oct 20, 1980

Nov 7, 2011


At Tue Nov 08, 04:53:00 AM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Wow this must have taken a ton of research. I did not know that Hebcal had a correlation or intercalculation between the Jewish and Muslim calendars. How one can keep track of how their months fall back one month every time we have an Adar Sheini requires a comlex computer program. I spoke to an Arab fellow who works at Rami Levy in Sha'ar Binyamin about his upcoming Eid that when he goes on holiday, he should consider the possibility that Avraham offered up Yitzchak on the altar even if he wants to believe that he offerred up Yishmael too.

I figure that he can just add another fairy tale to the Quran, a book which is filled with fairy tales, such as in one Sura of the Quran where it says that Queen Esther went before Paro to request that he build or not build the Tower of Bavel. That Muhamed was a bit of a cookoo besides being a mass murderer and a child rapist. Those thing are besides the point.

At Tue Nov 08, 12:18:00 PM 2011, Blogger yaak said...

No, just about 20 minutes-worth. I just compared 2 websites - that's all.


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