Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Amalek Has Not Yet Been Wiped Out

This week's Perasha introduces us to Amalek, the archenemy of Israel. Of course, we know of his shameful origins from the commentaries on the Perasha. We now know what form he will assume in his shameful last days.

It appears that as far as Amalek's spiritual descendats go, parts of Yishmael and Paras have taken over the reins from Germany.

Tamar Yonah quotes Walid Shoebat: The Shocking Arab Love For Hitler

Elder of Ziyon: "How to Wipe Out Israel" wins Iranian book award

Elder of Ziyon: Mein Kampf is recommended in Virgin Megastores in Qatar and Bahrain and a follow-up.


At Tue Dec 06, 01:51:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Bob Miller said...

This site has plenty of information about the Extremist Muslim-Nazi link:

More on the author/blogger who maintains this site:


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