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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interesting Recent Links - Teruma 5772


At Tue Feb 21, 04:38:00 AM 2012, Blogger Devorah Chayah said...

Thanks for the mention.

At Wed Feb 22, 10:02:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, and they think it's the Iron Dome that will protect them in Tel Aviv.

At Fri Feb 24, 04:14:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i disagree erev rav knesset supreme court israeli secularity godlessness is amalak are you kidding ? 100,000 gay parade in tel aviv gay capital of europe built up by government . achminijav is rak with Hasheem hamans gilgul is hitler ya mach shmo . achminjav haits quuerdom of america europe tel avive so wishes to nuke all 3 for yes in Hashems eyes lsbgd and jews who accept it are the true amalkime ! achminijav is islamic he kills homosexuals in public and 20,000 jews live peacefully in his country . According to gra the erev rav of america reform synagauges acceptance of lsbgd hatred of settelers same as tel avive is amalak mamash and armilius is mamash hertzyl . his son converted to christianity for armilius and samael share the same letters . The west will be destroyed with tel avive by Hashem Yitbarach in the last stage of Gog and magog by fire mamash . You know what the gra says on 1/3 of the world in llast momment of Hashems wrath at lsbgt who are gilgulime of high reshaim so thats why there in this tikkun mamash . this is amalak attacking from behind mamash to rape jews who were weak in the anus with force mamash so moshes hands were heavy / for the force of amalak is to rape the anus of a jewish man mamash !islam hates homosexuality mamash love allah treated jews well for 1000 years in there host countries . read ovadia zohar says highest revelation keitz after the torah itself . trust me on this yeshua hanotzri and hertzyl are a far far higher klipah mamash mamash then islam ! theres a reason for this hertzyl removed gods name mamash so the same will happen to many " israelis " very soon god will remove his spirit from them in fire not from islam chasfar shalom but from god almighty as the rebbe of chabad called him . as shlomo carlbach said relity true reality my dear friends is completely upside down . remember god doesnt judge on religion chasfewr shalom thats racist he judges on rightousness goofballs thats why he chose avraham goofballs because he saw he was a high tzaddik mamash a very high one . Avrahams grave shakes because of lsbgt in edom the west and erev rav . Yes there is tikkun bezerat hashem for homsexual thoughts and even casfer shalom for someone who wishes with his being to repent from this greatest of sins in the torah . yes my dear friends yitro worshipped every idol was moshes best friend may he rest in p-eace because yitros soul not his actions was very yashar To hashem . the jews who voted for obama in america and thus lsbgt and hatred of settelers and this world as well might perish as well in fire. for as gra says he who doesnt fight erev rav whos whole essence is lsbgt witness the homosexual orgies at the egel zahav joins them.


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