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Monday, March 05, 2012

Geula Update From Rav Fish - Tetzaveh 5772 - Part 4

Continued from here.

From Rav Fish's latest:
  • (Summarized) The 6 Sedarim of Mishna are symbolic of the 6 millennia.  The sixth millennium corresponds to Seder Taharot - as we know that the last Mishna in Yoma has Ribbi Akiva explaining how HKB"H purifies us during the Redemption process and we know that the last Mishna in Sha"s talks about Olam Haba.  Rav Avigdor Aharonson adds that [as there are 12 tractates in Seder Taharot], the 7th "hour of the day" that we are currently in corresponds to the 7th tractate - Mesechet Niddah.  The 8th chapter of that tractate corresponds to the 8th century and 8th decade that we are currently in.  The 3rd Mishna of that chapter corresponds to the 3rd year of the decade that we are currently in - the year 5772.  The Mishna states
    There is a story with a woman who came before Ribbi Akiva and told him, "I saw a stain."  He replied, "Maybe there was a wound inside you?"  She told him, "Yes, and it healed."  [He replied,] "Or, perhaps, it was able to become wet and bring out blood?" She said to him, "Yes."  Ribbi Akiva rendered her pure.
    We see that the same Ribbi Akiva who talked about purity in the future like we mentioned earlier, in this Mishna, purifies a woman because this is a wound - and not Niddah blood.  This hints to the fact that all of our sins are really due to the troubles and sufferings we suffer in this exile - as the aspect of a wound - and we are really not impure - we are pure. 
  • Also, the 772nd Mishna of Seder Taharot (Niddah 2:4) states:
    All women have an assumption of purity to their husbands.  Those [men] coming from the road, their wives have an assumption of purity to them.
    This hints to the fact that all of Kelal Yisrael have an assumption of purity, and especially those that came from the long path of exile and suffering - definitely have an assumption of purity.


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HAPPY PURIM. G-d bless the House of isr. all will be good and your blog will stand before Hashem among others for strengthening us in time of need. thanks.


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