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Friday, September 21, 2012

Worldwide Mashiah Prayer - This Sunday!


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At Fri Sep 21, 02:54:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

some divreh torah for this Shabbath whoever did not prepared:

Famous question was asked: “Why we have Rosh Hashana before Yom Kippur? Logically we supposed to have Yom Kippur first to atone from all our sins and then receive the blessings.
Rabbi Avraham Abulafia answered this question who wrote many sefarim in kabbalah, who lived about 700 years ago. He said: Secret of Rosh Hashana is the secret of Beth Hamikdash. Which has the same gematria 861. He meant like Beth Hamikdash erases all our sins then Rosh Hashana erases our sins. The Gemara Rosh Hashana says: If you want to be successful in your prayers you have to mention that I am the King said Hakadosh Baruhu, you have to mention how merciful is He and the main ingredient is to hear the Shofar. Now, what type of Shofar we can use, we can not use Shofar of an ox because it reminds of Golden Calf, it is like Kohen Gadol can not wear Gold garments on Yom Kippur. Kohen Gadol was wearing white garments entering Kodesh Hakodashim. The Gemara asks question: “But Kohen Gadol warn gold garments when he came out from Kodesh Hakodashim” and this is the big Hiddush that when we hear the Shofar it is like we are in Kodesh Hakodashim where all our sins erased. No matter where you are In Brooklyn, Russia or Australia at that moment of tikia of Shofar you are trasplantament to Kodesh Hakodashim. The biggest Hiddush that you don’t have to go to Yerushalayim on Rosh Hashanna because Yerushalaim comes to you on that day. Save $2000 on your ticket! Now you may ask that is Rosh Hashana erases all our sins then why we need Yom Kippur? Firstly, this level can reach only Tsaddikim, that can fix everything by Rosh Hashana, but regular people like us need to wait till Kippur. I heard once from my Rav, Rav Moshe Sharchon from Torah Vadaath, that teshuva process has 3 stages. First stage is on Rosh Hashana erases sins on certain level then we have Tsom Gedalia, and the last stage is Yom Kippur that is the final stage of the cleansing process. After Yom Kippur we are brand new, for some people Hoshanna Rabba is the last and for some is the last day of Chanukka.

I want to conclude with a small World Wide prayer for Mashiah which will be this Sunday at 11 AM sharp New York Time:
Master of the Universe, we, the children of Israel, ask for Mashiah to redeem us, now and with mercy, from exile and all suffering, to reveal your Name in the world and to bring peace.

At Sat Sep 22, 12:27:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Be careful what you pray for, you just might get one you never wanted.

At Sat Sep 22, 08:57:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you mean by that Shiloh?

At Sun Sep 23, 09:54:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shiloh I am praying for Mashiah to come with mercy and peace together with other yehudim, why do I have to be careful? Please support your statement!


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