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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Mishpatim 5773

From Rav Fish's latest:
  • [After quoting the Ramban on the 2 reasons he gives why the dictum תיפח רוחן של מחשבי קצין doesn't apply any longer,] one could add that within the sentence תיפח רוחן של מחשבי קצין, the Keitz is hinted.  If you take the gematria of the sentence תיפח רוחן של מחשבי קצין and add the Milui of that sentence, spelled out in the following way:
    ת"ו יו"ד פ"א ח"ת רי"ש ו"ו ח"ת נו"ן שי"ן למ"ד מ"מ ח"ת שי"ן ב"ת יו"ד קו"ף צד"י יו"ד נו"ן
    you get 5773. In other words, you need to be מפיח רוח - expand the sentence by adding the Milui of these letters in order to calculate the Keitz.
  • [Re: 5776 as being Motza'ei Shevi'it,] the word ותשכן from the Bonei Yerushalayim blessing is the gematria of 776. [YY- and also the word תשכון in the Sephardic version of this blessing.]
  • [Not so much related to Geula, but a nice Devar Torah nonetheless:] The words ואתה תחזה start the section where Yitro gives advice to Moshe Rabbeinu on appointing judges.  One important aspect of a judge is that he must be Tocho Kevaro - his inside like his outside, meaning that the way he acts privately should be the same way he acts publicly.  The gematria of the outside letters of ואתה תחזה equals the gematria of the inside letters of ואתה תחזה.
  • Rashi on Daniel 12:1 says [that in the End of Days,] the Kingdom of Aram will be destroyed and Israel will escape.  We see that Rashi is explaining that "the time of trouble" mentioned in this verse refers to Aram, which is Damascus. [YY - This is not so convincing since "Aram" is often used by censors in place of "Edom".  This is especially true here since 2 other versions of Rashi that I noticed have the word "Gog" instead of "Aram".]
  • [Referring back to what was said last week regarding Ya'ir Lapid,] his father, Tommy Lapid (יוסף טומי לפיד), has the same gematria.
  • The ultimate purpose of airplanes is for the Geula, which is why Boeing (בואינג) has the gematria of 72, a number Kabbalisticly associated with the Geula.
  • Barack Obama (ברק אובאמה) is the gematria of אלוף עמלק. 


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