Monday, June 10, 2013

Interesting Recent Links - Hukat 5773

The Mysteries of the Sambatyon River Part IV

Video Tribute to R' Yehiel Kalish (a friend of mine who has done some great work in Far Rockaway, and earlier, in Chicago)

Matzav: A Picture of Hasmadah: Chacham Ovadiah (includes a nice story)

RCA Condemns Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Israel Rally

Ladaat: Watch the video as the idiot who protested against Rav Shteinman Shlit"a is taken away by police

Matzav: Lakewood's Protest Against the Draft [Update: Matzav removed the link, but basically, it was an article that consisted of a picture like this]

Srugim: Rav Druckman Cancels His Makor Rishon subscription after the newspaper goes anti-Rabbanim

Debka: Moscow Sets Up Russian Golan Brigade

YWN: Haredim were blocked from the Kotel on Rosh Hodesh just so WoW could have their get-together  and now, MKs are asking why

A new commenter on my old "Will the real Hafetz Hayim please stand up?" post linked to this 1917 picture from Encyclopedia Judaica and claims that the rabbi seated second-from-left is the Hafetz Hayim.


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