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Friday, August 09, 2013

Interesting Recent Links - Shofetim 5773 II

YWN - B'Ohel Haneviyim - Shoftim 5773 ("...the Geula isn’t something that we will necessarily be expecting. It is rather something that will happen to us suddenly. ...")

Kikar - Secular residents of Moshav Zeru'ah protested a Yeshiva opening in their community, which likely contributed to Rav Shteinman Shlit"a canceling his trip there (see also YWN), but one resident who opposed it and was also having problems with his daughter being in an interfaith relationship changed his mind after Rav Yissachar Meir ZT"L came to him in a dream holding a sword saying that all his problems stemmed from his opposition to the original Yeshiva there that Rav Meir established.

Arutz Sheva - PR Firm Hiring Anti-Haredi Provocateurs?

Arutz Sheva - After 4 soldiers were wounded in Lebanon, a Lebanese paper claims the IDF was ambushed by Hizbullah

YWN - El Al plane comes back to the gate to pick up a special passenger

YWN - Rav Shteinman Shlit"a Explains What He Worries Over

Tomer Devorah - Radioactive Water at Fukushima is an emergency

Matzav - Former IDF Intelligence Chief: US Coming Around on Iran Strike

YWN - Wool Tzitzit Lands Soldier in Military Jail

Kikar - Some very clever mashup pics.  Here are a couple of my favorites:
Original Source

Original Source


At Fri Aug 09, 01:57:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The story of El Al Airlines going back to the gates to pick up the young so moving and shows the Heart of Israel... so different from the whole world... YOU ARE A TREASURE not only to US but to HASHEM!!! REMEMBER!!!

At Fri Aug 09, 05:26:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive seen on you tube the cavod rv david chai abuchatzeira shlita has for rav shteiman shlita. This being so I pay attention to his concerns . I liked Bennett and lapide thought they were new blood from kipatstrugah , but oviousely rav shteiman is concerned . One thing though erev rav in secular and erev zeir in orthodox will rule Israel at this stage ?! according to the holy Zohar . Im concered the erev zeir will posken the halacha for Netanyahu to give up land in exchange for haredi yeshivah wishes ! One thing I know Bennett and feiglin are giborime tanach style and would slit there wrists before giving up land ! Tehillim and more tehillim from all members of klal yisrael . Rabbi Yaakov abuchatzeira z'tlbracha say din is broken through earnest tefillah . He also says the erev zeir could kill mashiach because they unlike Joshua and calev don't want to conquer eretz yisrael/ rather study torah in the dessert . This attitude caused them the 10 spies to be hung in the face of the sun to mellow Hashems wrath . If religious leaders talk about giving up land to the amalakites of the nations they are erev zeir mamash !

At Tue Aug 13, 02:15:00 AM 2013, Blogger Tomim T said...

special kavanah this shabbos during Kriyas hatorah


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