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Friday, October 18, 2013

4 "Proofs" Avraham Avinu Was a Sepharadi

(Originally posted over a month ago as a comment on Rafi's blog.  It is meant as satire.)

Re: Avraham Avinu being a Sepharadi, I have 4 "proofs":

1) He was born in Ur Kasdim so he was an Iraqi

2) Terah's father Nahor was born in 1849 and he lived 148 years, which means he died in 1997. Avraham was born in 1948 and the Midrash says that his brother Nahor was born 1 year later, in 1949. If Terah were Ashkenazic, how would he be able to name his son after his own living father?!?! It must be that Terah was Sephardic so, of course, his son Avraham was Sephardic.

3) Avraham served the angels 3 tongues and mustard. And we know from Midrashim that the angels arrived at Avraham's tent on Pesah. If Avraham Avinu were Ashkenazic, how would he have been able to serve them mustard on Pesah?!?! He must not hold of Kitniyot since he was Sephardic.

4) It says כֹּל אֲשֶׁר תֹּאמַר אֵלֶיךָ שָׂרָה, שְׁמַע בְּקֹלָהּ. If Avraham Avinu were Ashkenazic, why would HKB"H need to tell him this?!?! He would have done so on his own! He must therefore be Sephardic.


See also what the Sanzer Rebbe Shlit"a said in the name of his father ZT"L to Rav Ovadia ZT"L not long ago:


At Fri Oct 18, 12:06:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But ofcourse!! You are absolutely right.

Ashkenazic means those originating from Europe?
If so...all Jews were of Asian decedents.
And they sat down on carpets and ate their meals, with fingers!!

Is this right?

Have a good Shabbat.

At Fri Oct 18, 12:58:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha. Hope this is a spoof. Naturally, all Jews are basically Sephardim, as we all descend from Avraham,Yitzchak&Yaakov, who stem from Iraq (Bavel). We were later thrust to the four corners of the earth because of our sins; therefore, living for a thousand years or so in a community here and there, which has created all the different customs, the way we speak, dress, etc., and has isolated us from our brethren from across the seas and everywhere, until Israel was again reborn,B'H, thus, gathering in its children to our original Home, E.Y.!

At Fri Oct 18, 02:46:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews of Bavel have no connection whatsoever with Sfarad--Spain. Jews in Bavel are there from the time of churban bayis rishon and were never anywhere near Spain. They are not "Sefardi" in any true sense except the colloquial sense that really means "Edot Hamizrach".

I liked the 4th proof best ;-)

At Fri Oct 18, 03:29:00 PM 2013, Blogger yaak said...

Anonymous 2:46,

I've heard your argument many times before. However, I've also heard the argument that the divide lies upon whether halacha follows the Shulhan Aruch or the Rema. In that sense, Jews of Bavel are very much Sepharadim, as the word "Sepharadim" denotes those who follow Maran Beit Yosef who came from Sepharad (some of the Ben Ish Hai's Pesakim notwithstanding).

In addition, after the expulsion, the rabbis who came from Spain to other Sephardic lands were head and shoulders greater in Torah than the ones in those communities. That should be another reason why calling them "Sepharadim" is very appropriate as that's who their leaders were.

I liked the 4th proof best ;-)


At Mon Oct 21, 07:53:00 PM 2013, Blogger Daniela said...

Very good and very funny but I am afraid, at best inconclusive :-D

1) his father, sure, lived in Iraq, but he was a successful businessman, selling gadgets, aka overpriced junk, to local naive buyers who did not understand the technology and assumed it was magic. In Iraq? Let's see... He was likely British or - gasp - a yekke.....

2) Avraham was a ger, and cut off family ties with his father and grandfather, no conflict with the Askhenazi minhag of refraining from naming after a living relative. The real and very puzzling question is whether he was to be called Avraham ben Avraham Aveinu, or what else :)

3) He was super-rich and with lots of VIP guests hanging around all the time! Of course Avraham had kitniyot available in his home, like every worldly Askhenazi does, and of course he immediately asked his wife to prepare them for the non-askhenazi unexpected guests that showed up. Should he have served some of his favourite condiment, the special-for-Pesach super-extra-strong chren, along with the tongue? We all know the angels could not handle it....

4) OK but that one works with A, S, and any other minhag. Actually I am highly surprised anyone would bring this up! Obviously the original joke was written by some Askhenazi boy fantasizing about imaginarily assertive Jewish husbands somewhere very far, in the exotic Mizrahi universe.

At Mon Oct 21, 11:33:00 PM 2013, Blogger yaak said...

Nice, Daniela. Very cute.

Thanks for playing along. :-)


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