Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Interesting Recent Links - Vayeshev 5775 II

Stabbing of Levi Rosenblatt in 770

Reactions to Stabbing Attack

Hikind Condemns 770 Stabbing Attack; Praises NYPD

Statement From NYPD On Stabbing Attack At 770 Eastern Parkway

Greenfield Praises NYPD For Protecting Lives After Brutal Attack at 770 Eastern Parkway Synagogue

Senators SImcha Felder: NYPD To Increase Security In Boro Park

Statements By Elected Officials And Organizations On Stabbing Attack In Chabad World Headquarters [UPDATED 12:19PM]

De Blasio: We’ll Hold Back Nothing in Responding to 770 Attack
Statement From NYC Mayor de Blasio On Stabbing Attack In Chabad World Headquarters In Crown Heights

Crown Heights Jewish Leaders Appeal for Calm Following Stabbing of Yeshiva Student and Fatal Shooting of African-American Assailant

BREAKING PHOTOS: Elected Officials Gather In Crown Heights Led By Brooklyn Boro President Eric Adams To Discuss Stabbing In 770

The Appalling Ignorance of YNet

Terrorism and Anti-Semitism

Agudath Israel Leader Challenges Jordanian Ambassador To Explain Silence In The Face Of Jordanian Parliamentarians’ Anti-Semitic Statements
Agudath Israel Leader challenges Jordanian Ambassador

Election Stuff

Israeli Politics: The Movie - Netanyahu I and II


(Terrible joke of the day: 
Why are so many Misnagdim Republicans?  
Because they don't like their acidic president.)


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