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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Pesah 5775 - Part 2 of 6

From Rav Fish's latest (continued from here):

  • Teiman
    • We also see in the gemara that the war of Persia and Edom during the Redemption is connected to the Land of Teiman as Ribbi Yehoshua Ben Levi mentions the verse לָכֵן שִׁמְעוּ עֲצַת-יְהוָה, אֲשֶׁר יָעַץ אֶל-אֱדוֹם, וּמַחְשְׁבוֹתָיו, אֲשֶׁר חָשַׁב אֶל-יֹשְׁבֵי תֵימָן [Therefore hear ye the counsel of the LORD, that He hath taken against Edom; and His purposes, that He hath purposed against the inhabitants of Teman].
    • Also, Teiman means "South", which symbolizes the right side.
      • And in English, it's called "Yemen" [similar to ימין - right].
      • There is also a hint to the awakening of the Ketz Hayamin.
    • תימן is gematria 500, which is the same as the inner Milui of the name ש-ד-י, where Hashem says די - enough! and brings an end to everything in Creation.
      • As we find in the gemara (Hagiga 12a) "'I am Kel Shakai' - I am He Who said to my world: 'Enough!'"
      • And it's also brought down in Rabbeinu Bahye (Bereishit 43:14) "Therefore, he prayed with 'Kel Shakai' as if to say: He Who said to the world 'Enough!' will say to our troubles 'Enough!'"
    • Also, these verse refer to the Redemption:
      • Habbakuk 3:3: אֱלוֹהַּ מִתֵּימָן יָבוֹא [God cometh from Teman]
      • Zecharia 9:14: וַיהוָה עֲלֵיהֶם יֵרָאֶה, וְיָצָא כַבָּרָק חִצּוֹ; וַאדֹנָי יְהוִה בַּשּׁוֹפָר יִתְקָע, וְהָלַךְ בְּסַעֲרוֹת תֵּימָן [And the LORD shall be seen over them, and His arrow shall go forth as the lightning; and the Lord GOD will blow the horn, and will go with whirlwinds of the south.]
        • or, more precisely, whirlwinds of Teiman.
    • And it was publicized that Saudi Arabia is fighting the Persian-backed Houthis in Yemen, thus fulfilling the words of the Midrash that "A Persian king provokes an Arabian king."
      • And we see from the continuation of the words of the Yalkut Shimoni there that all this will occur in the month of Nissan, as the Midrash continues that our forefathers will arise in Nissan.
    • Also, the Rambam talked about calculating the Ketz in his known Iggeret Teiman.
    • Ramaz adds that also the Prophet Ovadia hinted to the downfall of  Edom in Teiman during the Redemption (Ovadia 1:8-9)  הֲלוֹא בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא, נְאֻם-יְהוָה, וְהַאֲבַדְתִּי חֲכָמִים מֵאֱדוֹם, וּתְבוּנָה מֵהַר עֵשָׂו. וְחַתּוּ גִבּוֹרֶיךָ, תֵּימָן, לְמַעַן יִכָּרֶת-אִישׁ מֵהַר עֵשָׂו, מִקָּטֶל[Shall I not in that day, saith the LORD, destroy the wise men out of Edom, and discernment out of the mount of Esau? And thy mighty men, O Teman, shall be dismayed, to the end that every one may be cut off from the mount of Esau by slaughter.]
      • There is a hint to the Houthis: וחתו גבוריך תימן.
    • Rav Hayim Vital in his Etz Hada'at Tov expounds the verses in Bereishit 38:12-13 as referring to the Final Redemption and says the word תמנתה refers to Teiman [see there where he adds that it refers to Rome].
    • The Malbim on the aforementioned Zecharia 9:14 says "'and will go with whirlwinds of Teiman' - that against the army of Gog, who will come from the land of the North, against them a whirlwind from the south will come to confuse and destroy them."
    • Bemidbar Rabba 13:2[3]: [On the verse] עוּרִי צָפוֹן וּבוֹאִי תֵימָן [Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south]: When the exiles, who are placed in the north, will awaken, they will come and encamp in the south.  When Gog, who is placed in the north, will awaken, he will come and fall in the south.  When King Mashiah, who is placed in the north, will awaken, he will come and build the Beit Hamikdash, which is placed in the south.
      • And the beginning of the Midrash talks about the Nesi'im bringing their sacrifices in the month of Nissan.
      • It's brought down in Kol Hator that עורי צפון ובואי תימן is Rashei Teivot עצות, which has the same gematria as משיח בן יוסף.
      • It's also brought down in the book "Ahavat Yerushalayim" that this verse speaks about a war between Persia and Teiman [YY - although, it seems that he says that Teiman refers to Bavel].
  • Houthis
    • The war in Yemen surrounds the Houthis who are fighting there.  Perhaps, there is a spiritual connection to the בני חת - children of Het - who are connected with Yesod and also to the number 8, the root of Yesod from which the Redemption awakens, as is brought down in the Lekutei Torah of the Ariza"l.
      • It's also brought down in Emunat Itecha (5757 p.45) that Avraham bought Me'arat Hamachpela, which is connected to the Mitzva of Mila, from the children of Het since Het symbolizes the eighth day of Mila.
      • Also, the children of Het are mentioned 8 times in the Parsha.
      • Also, the verse אֲשֶׁר דִּבֶּר בְּאָזְנֵי בְנֵי-חֵת--אַרְבַּע is Sofei Teivot רעיתי, which symbolizes the eighth, as the Zohar (Vayehi 240b) brings down.  We see that the Kelipa of the Hitim is connected to the eighth that is hinted to in the letter Het.
      • Also, the book Igara Dechala says the Hitim comes from the phrase חתת א-ל-קים [a terror of God].
      • Also, Bat Sheva was by the Kelipa of the Hitim before Malchut when she married Uriah HaHiti before David.
      • And I heard from R' M.P. that בני חת is the letters of בחינת, which symbolizes the connection to the eighth world that is in Hevron [?] and the eighth is בחינת המלכות [the aspect of Malchut].


At Sun Apr 12, 02:16:00 PM 2015, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Saudis as of now keep bragging that they have killed 500 Houtis in Teiman. Where does this go from here? nice stormy weather blowing from north to south in Israel with very low Arctic like temperatures in April, but where does this go from here? The trigger for the next event seems to involve the Persian Navy in the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Mandeb. What do they do as a response? Mandeb reminds me of Ben AMiNaDaV who jumped into another part of the Red Sea over 3300 years earlier on the 7th day of Pesach.


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