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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rav Fish on Iran

Sod1820 has Rav Fish's comments on Iran.

Among what he said, some of the more interesting things he mentioned:

1) New pictures of Pluto were taken by the recent flyby of the dwarf-planet.  This occurred on the same day that President Obama announced the Iran deal.  Notice that the third-to-last letters from this verse (Yehezkel 38:22) that talks about the punishments handed down to Gog and his minions make "Pluto Obama (פלוטו אבמא)" rearranged.

וְנִשְׁפַּטְתִּי אִתּוֹ, בְּדֶבֶר וּבְדָם; וְגֶשֶׁם שׁוֹטֵף וְאַבְנֵי אֶלְגָּבִישׁ אֵשׁ וְגָפְרִית, אַמְטִיר עָלָיו וְעַל-אֲגַפָּיו, וְעַל-עַמִּים רַבִּים, אֲשֶׁר אִתּוֹ
[And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will cause to rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many peoples that are with him, an overflowing shower, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.]

2) (Ovadia 1:6)  אֵיךְ נֶחְפְּשׂוּ עֵשָׂו, נִבְעוּ מַצְפֻּנָיו [How is Esau searched out! How are his hidden places sought out!]  We see through this deal how Esav has shown his true colors.

This verse has the same gematria as the date of the agreement: כ"ז תמוז תשע"ה

3) Also, כ"ז תמוז ה'תשע"ה has the same gematria as (Esther 7:4) כִּי נִמְכַּרְנוּ אֲנִי וְעַמִּי, לְהַשְׁמִיד לַהֲרוֹג וּלְאַבֵּד [for we are sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish] plus the kollel.


At Wed Jul 15, 01:54:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!, mind=blown.
How did he find that?
Yaak, could you please post some information about the Rabbi. I think it's amazing.

At Wed Jul 15, 03:02:00 PM 2015, Blogger yaak said...

Rav Yekutiel Fish is a rabbi who lives in Israel and wrote the set of books called סוד החשמל.

At Thu Jul 16, 12:20:00 AM 2015, Blogger Leah said...

Incredible. May we truly see the geulah imminently!


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