Friday, July 24, 2015

Report: Pollard to be Released (May Hashem Make It So)

REPORT: White House Readying To Release Jonathan Pollard
U.S. Preparing to Release Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard
Wall Street Journal: US Preparing to Release Jonathan Pollard
Wall Street Journal: U.S. preparing to release Pollard
US to Release Jonathan Pollard

Pollard's release is important in its own right, as his prolonged imprisonment was terribly unjust.

There are some other very important implications of his release mentioned by Rav Mordechai Eliyahu ZT"L.

I have more to say on the subject, but let's see what happens first.  We've been here before - I don't want to be disappointed by the US President yet again.  Meanwhile, keep praying to Hashem for the release to happen.

וּפְדוּיֵי יְהוָה יְשׁוּבוּן וּבָאוּ צִיּוֹן בְּרִנָּה וְשִׂמְחַת עוֹלָם עַל רֹאשָׁם שָׂשׂוֹן וְשִׂמְחָה יַשִּׂיגוּן נָסוּ יָגוֹן וַאֲנָחָה

May everyone have an easy fast and may the 9th of Av soon turn from mourning into joy.  As mentioned in holy books, once the fast of Tish'a Be'av is pushed off, let it be pushed off indefinitely: הואיל ונדחה ידחה לגמרי.



At Sat Jul 25, 04:29:00 AM 2015, Blogger vincent said...

More than 20 years ago i was in a prison in Germany for 3 weeks. Now, i don't know if i messed it up now with you people for good, but that was just the way it was. I was a homeless who stole a jacket out of a formely Jewish warehouse, and they give you 3 weeks for that.
Now i know; once they say that they are going to release you, (i was released early because dad paid some of the remaining fine, the procedure still took some nerve wrecking hours ) than they have to release you. It is not somethink you play around with. It is not something you do, you do not give false hope, make phoney statements etc. It is inhumane. Do you know how hard being in prison is? Do you know how much a person wants to get out? Do you know how much of a nghtmare this must be for Pollard and his family? This is outragious. Israel should demand his release now! If they do not release him now, Israel should go to the ICC in The Haque or whatever. Start nuking these .....

At Sat Jul 25, 10:34:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Cantlie remains detained, Somewhere in Syria, while his kidnapper, nicknamed Jihadi John, is on the run and being pursued by the Islamic State, so, while Jonathan Pollard may, finally, be released, from captivity, his freedom and the freedom of others hinges on the welfare of a few remaining high-profile hostages, including Saeed Abedini in Iran and Asia Bibi in Pakistan, whom you should know, intimately, by now, as well, because He certainly knows their whereabouts and the repercussions of delaying letting them go )bargaining over fellow human beings is akin to the incidents involving Lut also known as Lot, besides Giv'a {; consequently, "stuff" has bin saddled upon the 5+1 Und Iran: 1. the 5+1 are, now, in serious Debt 2. Anatolia, Constantinople, and thereabouts require attention, whose abandonment by the 5+1 has yet to be resolved, besides the 3rd structure atop the Temple Mountain 3. women are, now, being ushered into Greater Danger, and, if those women, who are, actually, guilty of shedding innocent blood, feign innocence, those women shall be sacrificed without hesitation [i would describe the upcoming season as final examinations: it's either they Fail or you, alone, pass]


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