Friday, November 13, 2015

Esav and Yishmael: Tag-Team Anti-Semitism and Terrorism

Midrash Hagadol Bereishit 28:9:

דבר אחר בפשע שפתים מוקש רע, אלו שפתים שנטלו עצה רעה עשו וישמעאל. דכתיב וילך עשו אל ישמעאל, הלך לו אצל ישמעאל ואמר לו, אין אתה רואה כשם שעשה לך אביך נתן את כל אשר לו ליצחק אחיך והוציאך ריקם, כך אבי מבקש לעשות בי, אלא עמוד הרוג לאחיך ואני אעמוד ואהרוג לאחי, ואנו יורשין כל העולם. אמר לו ישמעאל עד שאתה אומר לי שאהרוג את אביך הרוג אתה אותו. אמר לו עשו מצינו שהרג אדם לאחיו, קין הרג את הבל, אבל לא מצינו אדם שהרג לאביו. ועשו חישב בלבו לומר, הוא הורג לאבי, ואני הורג לאחי, ואחר כך אני יושב עליו בדין ואהרגהו כשהרג את אבי, ואני יורש שתי ירושות...

Another explanation on (Mishlei 12:13) "In the transgression of the lips is a snare to the evil man" - this refers to lips who gave wicked advice - Esav and Yishmael. As it says "so Esau went unto Ishmael".

He went to Yishmael and said to him, "Don't you see that just as your father did to you by giving all he owns to Yitzhak your brother and left you with nothing, similarly my father wants to do with me. Rather, arise and kill your brother and I will arise and kill my brother, and we will inherit the entire world."

Yishmael told him, "Why are you telling me to kill your father? You kill him yourself!"

Esav said to him, "We find a precedent of a man killing his brother with Kayin killing Hevel, but we don't find a precedent of a man killing his father."

Esav was thinking to say, "He [Yishmael] will kill my father and I will kill my brother, and then afterwards, I will sit against him justifiably and kill him since he killed my father, and I will end up inheriting 2 inheritances."
Cartoon by Chava Light in Algemeiner

Esav on both sides of the Atlantic see no problem with labeling Jewish products in Yehuda and Shomron with its own special label.  And the worst of Yishmael is happy with it too.

Just as in the Midrash above, with this EU decision, Esav is egging Yishmael on to conduct terrorist activities such as the very tragic one perpetrated today, where R' Yaakov Litman and his son Netanel HY"D were murdered in cold blood outside Otniel.  R' Yaakov's daughter was supposed to be married on Tuesday, and here is the invitation:

h/t The Partial View and YWN

(As an aside, I don't know what it is, but there's something about fatal terrorist attacks on Rosh Hodesh.  It seems there is a higher proportion on Rosh Hodesh than the rest of the month.)

As Esav pretends to be our friend while acting in the opposite manner just as a pig shows its split hooves saying "I'm Kosher", we need to know that אין לנו על מי להשען אלא על אבינו שבשמים.


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