Tuesday, April 12, 2016

3328 Years Since Yetziat Mitzrayim

Yetziat Mitzrayim (the Exodus) took place in the year 2448, or 3328 years ago.

One verse with the gematria of 3328 is in Bereishit 35:5:
וַיִּסָּעוּ; וַיְהִי חִתַּת אֱלֹהִים, עַל-הֶעָרִים אֲשֶׁר סְבִיבוֹתֵיהֶם, וְלֹא רָדְפוּ, אַחֲרֵי בְּנֵי יַעֲקֹב
And they journeyed; and a terror of God was upon the cities that were round about them, and they did not pursue after the sons of Jacob.
This verse is used often as a segula for protection.  It is even found often as an additional verse to Tefilat Haderech.

Especially notable is what the Hida writes (see also here) that one who recites this verse 13 times while concentrating on a certain holy name will be saved from all evil.

This is interesting since 3328 is divisible by 13 as 3328/13 = 256.  This number 256 is the gematria of יעקב ובניו (Yaakov and his sons).  Yaakov Avinu plus his sons = 13.

256 years before Yetziat Mitzrayim in 2448 was the year 2192, which was the year that Yaakov Avinu married Leah Imeinu and Rahel Imeinu.  In other words, it was the very beginning of the phrase יעקב ובניו - Yaakov and his sons.

Perhaps, we can say that in the merit of יעקב ובניו, we merited Yetziat Mitzrayim.  And there was a short-lived "terror of G-d" upon the nations, as mentioned in Shirat Hayam.   But due to our sins, that merit was insufficient.  Amalek cooled down this terror and that started the era where attacking us eventually became commonplace.  We needed the merit of יעקב ובניו for 13 additional times, corresponding to Yaakov and his sons, to merit this status, which can only come at the Final Redemption.

May this year of 5776 be the year when there will truly be a terror of G-d upon the nations to attack His nation due to the coming of Mashiah Tzidkenu Bimhera Veyamenu, Amen.


At Wed Apr 13, 12:05:00 PM 2016, Blogger אורנה ניצבת. דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים said...

Amen!!! !!! !!! !!! !

At Wed Apr 20, 01:38:00 AM 2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

256 is also the gematriya of "Aharon" and "Romi" (Rome). Any thoughts on this?


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