Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Cosmic Clock Now at 12:37 PM Friday Afternoon

Some of you may have noticed the new Cosmic Clock on the sidebar of my blog. For a brief introduction of what the Cosmic Clock is, we know that the 6 days of Creation correspond to the 6000 years of world history. Proportionally, we can divide the 6 millennia into 6 days and further divide each millennium into hours.

If we divide 1000 years into 24 hours, each "hour" is 41.666 years. So, if a day starts at 6:00 PM, and we are 776 years into the millennium, we are now at 12:37 PM. This is because the millennium started Rosh Hashana of the year 5001. (Other versions of the Cosmic Clock have the millennium starting in the year 5000, such as the nicely-done video here.)

The formula for the year is therefore:

5001 + (41.6666667 * (18 + (37 / 60))) = 5776.69444445

This is approximately 5776 9/13 as 9 months have passed out of 13 months in this leap year, causing the time to change to 12:37 on Rosh Hodesh Sivan.

7 "minutes" ago was Minha Gedola, i.e. 12:30 PM. This occurred in Tamuz, 5771. See a series of posts I wrote why Minha Gedola is significant in the Cosmic Clock.

The Cosmic Clock has been used by many of our greatest sages - most famously, the Gr"a - but also, the Ramban, Rabbeinu Bahye, Hatam Sofer, and many others.

Shabbat is approaching quickly.  Hopefully, we're making an early Shabbat. Will you be ready?


At Tue Jun 07, 03:15:00 PM 2016, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen - hopefully we'll all be ready!!!

At Tue Jun 07, 07:52:00 PM 2016, Blogger Atlas Raider said...

thanks for sharing..didn't know about it..saw one as well in Shirat Devorah and was wondering why did the time stayed the same :o

At Wed Jun 08, 01:28:00 AM 2016, Blogger Cosmic X said...

If you are bringing in Shabbat early, make sure that you daven Minchah before Plag HaMinchah. :)

At Wed Jun 08, 04:15:00 PM 2016, Blogger CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Very cool, Rav Yaak. I'll be back often to check the time. ;)


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