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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Been Busy, But... are some great posts in the JBlogosphere:

Hirhurim blogger R' Gil Student takes issue with R' Adlerstein's "glowing review" of Frumteens in Jewish Action. R' Adlerstein, for his part, defends and clarifies his views.

In the Slifkin affair, the New York Times discusses it, marking the first time a non-Jewish publication talks about the affair (as far as I know). Also, Godol Hador posts that Rabbi Berel Wein agrees to ban book bans.

In the Purim Shtick department, one must check out It's unbelievable how much work must have gone into this. Very Cool!
Also, check out Dov Bear's modern day Megillas Esther (Starts here). There's also a couple of spoofs on Cross-Currents.


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