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Monday, March 07, 2005

Purim Seudah on Friday

This year, as most of you realize, Purim will fall out on Friday. This presents an interesting dilemma regarding when to have the Seudah. One normally has the Purim Seudah in late afternoon, probably out of convenience. However, to do so on Friday would be disrespecting Shabbat by not having an appetite for the Friday night meal.

The Rama (695:2) says that when Purim falls on Friday, the Seudah should be eaten in the morning for this very reason. This seems to be the consensus among Posekim (both Ashkenazic and Sephardic). This is especially true since it is preferable to have the meal in the morning regardless of which day Purim falls (a minhag that I have never seen in practice).

Interestingly, however, the Meiri (quoted in a footnote in Yehave Da'at volume 3 - Chap. 15) says that what he used to do was say Minha early, and start eating a meal before sundown. When Shabbat arrived, he would say Kiddush, and continue his meal. In Bircat Hamazon, both Retze and Al Hanisim are said (despite the seemingly Tarti Desatri problem).

I haven't looked up all the references here, but obviously, Hadavar Tzarich Iyyun.

Although we don't seem to follow the Meiri (let me know if you do - ask your LOR to be sure), who wants to drink Ad deLo Yada in the morning?


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