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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gaza and Katrina

With all due respect to Rabbi Gil Student, I don't know how one can't see a Middah Keneged Middah aspect of Hurrican Katrina for the Gaza Evacuation. I don't speak for Hashem, but I'm only writing what my eyes see. The comparisons and timing are clear.

Both had:

  • Massive Evacuations

  • Looting

  • Graves being moved

  • Last strongholds from rooftops

  • Beach-front homes and businesses being demolished

I'm sure commentors can think of more.

See Lazer Beams, Sultan Knish, and R' Dov Bar Leib, who agree.

(Also, see a list here of people who disagree.)

Of course, I am saddened - and not gladdened - by the loss of life and property to those in and around the New Orleans area. My heart goes out to them.
Here are a couple of places to donate:

Orthodox Union's Hurrican Katrina Relief Fund

Jewish Hurricane Relief, Chabad Lubavitch of Louisiana


At Thu Sep 01, 09:44:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also the Mekubal Harav David Batzri sees the connection:

At Thu Sep 01, 09:56:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not to mention that locationwise they are both southern coastlines, gambling infrastructure was planned for gaza and now the missisipi gambling infrastructure has been destroyed, america sold israel for oil and now its oil refineries have been severely damaged... etc...

At Sun Sep 04, 11:07:00 PM 2005, Blogger Batya said...

There's a lesson for sure.

At Wed Sep 07, 12:52:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Sun Sep 11, 01:11:00 AM 2005, Blogger Martin Leonard said...

They brought it on themselves:


PHILADELPHIA - Just days before "Southern Decadence", an annual homosexual
celebration attracting tens of thousands of people to the French Quarters
section of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina destroys the city.

"Southern Decadence" has a history of filling the French Quarters section of
the city with drunken homosexuals engaging in sex acts in the public streets
and bars. Last year, a local pastor sent video footage of sex acts being
performed in front of police to the mayor, city council, and the media. City
officials simply ignored the footage and continued to welcome and praise the
weeklong celebration as being an "exciting event". However, Hurricane
Katrina has put an end to the annual celebration of sin.

On the official "Southern Decadence" website (, it
states that the annual event brought in "125,000 revelers" to New Orleans
last year, increasing by thousands each year, and up from "over 50,000
revelers" in 1997. This year’s 34th annual "Southern Decadence" was set for
Wednesday, August 31, 2005 through Monday, September 5, 2005, but due to
massive flooding and the damage left by the hurricane, Louisiana Governor
Kathleen Blanco has ordered everyone to evacuate the city.

The past three mayors of New Orleans, including Sidney Barthelomew, Marc H.
Morial, and C. Ray Nagin, issued official proclamations welcoming visitors
to "Southern Decadence". Additionally, New Orleans City Council made other
proclamations recognizing the annual homosexual celebration.

"Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening, this act of God destroyed a
wicked city," stated Repent America director Michael Marcavage. "From 'Girls
Gone Wild' to 'Southern Decadence,' New Orleans was a city that had its
doors wide open to the public celebration of sin. From the devastation may a
city full of righteousness emerge," he continued.

New Orleans was also known for its Mardi Gras parties where thousands of
drunken men would revel in the streets to exchange plastic jewelry for
drunken women to expose their breasts and to engage in other sex acts. This
annual event sparked the creation of the "Girls Gone Wild" video series.
Furthermore, Louisiana had a total of ten abortion clinics with half of them
operating in New Orleans, where countless numbers of children were murdered
at the hands of abortionists. Additionally, New Orleans has always been
known as one of the "Murder Capitals of the World" with a rate ten times the
national average.

"We must help and pray for those ravaged by this disaster, but let us not
forget that the citizens of New Orleans tolerated and welcomed the
wickedness in their city for so long," Marcavage said. "May this act of God
cause us all to think about what we tolerate in our city limits, and bring
us trembling before the throne of Almighty God," Marcavage concluded.

"[God] sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust." (Matthew 5:45)

At Mon Sep 12, 05:50:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no conflict. It is clear (to me) that disengagement determinted the timing and character of the destruction. It does not explain that New Orleans had to be the target. Southern Decadence sheds light on that.

At Tue Sep 13, 02:53:00 PM 2005, Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...


I fail to understand why New Orleans' destruction is the choice location for Hashem's wrath. California, the US's Left Coast is by far much more worse objectively.

At Mon Sep 19, 01:26:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read the artical from Mekubal Harav David Batzri its scary

time to do teshuva


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