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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hamas Making Headlines Again

Unfortunately, Hamas is making headlines again, the latest being this:
Jerusalem Man Kidnapped and Murdered by Hamas
18:16 Sep 26, '05 / 22 Elul 5765
By Ezra HaLevi

It was released for publication Monday evening that an Israeli Jew from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev was kidnapped Wednesday and murdered by Arab terrorists.

The body of Sasson Nuriel was discovered Monday morning in the Arab village of Bituniya, west of Ramallah.

A gag order on the case was partially lifted Monday evening.

Nuriel, 55, owned a candy factory in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone, near Jerusalem. His murderers, it appears, were members of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Nuriel disappeared last Wednesday and his wife reported him missing to the police late that night. Police and Shabak (General Security Services) agents then carried out a search and investigation that led to the discovery of Nuriel’s body Monday morning and the arrest of at least one Hamas terrorist in connection with the murder. His body showed signs of extreme violence.

The Palestinian Authority did nothing to assist Israel in its search for the kidnap-murder victim.

Nuriel’s funeral is set to take place at 8 PM at the Givat Sha’ul cemetery in Jerusalem.

Hashem Yikom Damo.

Let's hope for the day Bimhera Veyamenu that Hamas will be no more, as is hinted to in this verse that we just read this past Shabbat:

לֹא-יִשָּׁמַע עוֹד חָמָס בְּאַרְצֵךְ

"Hamas" shall no more be heard in thy land


At Tue Sep 27, 03:31:00 PM 2005, Blogger Batya said...

They're showing their true colors.


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