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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rav Kaduri Article Updated

Arutz Sheva updated the Rav Kaduri article with the following:
Postscript to this article.
In light of numerous questions to the editor regarding the above article, Arutz Sheva wishes to clarify the following:

Arutz Sheva show host Yehoshua Meiri takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the news item above.

Rabbi Kaduri's remarks regarding natural disasters were said in the framework of a class on Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 2005, which covered the Nevi'im (prophets) section of the book Chok l'Yisrael.

The following is a response from Yehoshua Meiri:

I am not the official spokesman for Rabbi Kaduri's court.

Anyone who needs to know, knows precisely the essence of the relationship between the Tzadik Rabbi Kaduri and myself. HaRav Baruch Avraham Rakovsky from Jerusalem and HaRav Yissachar Bergman Shach from Bnei Barak and even the Director of Channel One TV Moti Eden and many others can testify to this relationship.

Moreover, in the last national elections in Israel, all of the election commercials for Rabbi Kaduri's party Ahavat Yisrael broadcast the explicit announcement that the website, which I operate, is the official website of Rav Yitzhak Kaduri, shlita. In the website, there is an explicit letter of approbation signed by Rabbi Kaduri for the website and my activities.

Also noteworthy is the fact that when the Rabbi went on a helicopter campaign to various communities years ago, I escorted him in his travels as can be seen by clicking here. [Ed. Note: Yehoshua Meiri is seen 8 seconds into the video seated next to Rabbi Kaduri in the helicopter speaking to the camera.]

Anyone interested in clarifying the truth should make an appointment to meet the Rabbi, and I will join the meeting to hear together what the Rabbi says.

Feel free to respond to me via
End of Meiri's response

On the other hand, we still have denials, like this:
Today, Wednesday 9/21/05 I went to Rav Kaduri's Yeshivah, Yeshivot Nachalat Yitzhok, on Rechov David, between Rechov Yechezkiel and Rechov Bar Ilan,in the Bucharim section of Yerushalayim. Rav Kaduri was not there, but everyone I asked said that these quotes are not true. In the office, the director, the menahel, told me that he is getting 10s of calls every day about these quotes, and they are not true. It was true that he met with Sharon, privately, and that no one could possibly know what they said, including himself. But the unanimous voice of those in his Yeshivah regarding the call for all to return to Israel because of imminent disasters is not true. To check this out, I recommend to go there, or send someone you know to go there, and ask, you may be able to ask Rav Kaduri himself, at an opportune moment, but surely you can ask the staff, gabayim, talmidim, and people who hang out there. If he really said this someone there should know of it, or at least say its true. It is senseless for everyone to 'beleive' when you can so easily check it out yourself.
The Menahel , bevakasha, to please put this on the internet so he will stop getting calls all day. So, I'm not giving out the phone number, but it is listed. But, give him a break and send in a friend or go yourself.
Yitzhok - Yerushalayim

I'm still confused.


At Thu Sep 22, 11:52:00 PM 2005, Blogger Batya said...

thanks for the research

gmar chatima tova

At Thu Sep 22, 11:53:00 PM 2005, Blogger Batya said...

thanks for the research

gmar chatima tova

At Sun Sep 25, 04:56:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was recently publicized (see links below) that Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, shlita stated that very soon the world will experience great natural disasters, and he urged Jews around the world to come to Israel.

Since the media is not always so reliable, I wanted to know if these statements were known and could be verified.

Thank you.

Harav Eliyahu Shilita says that Harav Kaduri Shlita is not able to communicate. In other words, these statements may be true but he did not say them.

The Question Answered By: Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith
Lehitraot Uvisorot Tovot


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