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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Free Pollard Now!

As an American, I'm ashamed that for the past 20 years, no US President could find it within his heart to pardon Jonathan Pollard for his crime.

All the President could pardon are a couple of turkeys.

We pray that Hashem should help Jonathan Pollard attain freedom as soon as possible.

More on this:
Here, here, and here.


At Thu Nov 24, 02:27:00 AM 2005, Blogger Cosmic X said...


Hazak Uvaruch! I've been puzzled by the relative silence of American Jewry (and Jewish bloggers) with regards to Jonathan Pollard. I hope more Americans, Jews and non-Jews will come to the realization that Pollard should be released.

At Sun Nov 27, 04:37:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I urge everyone who sees this to daven and say Tehillim non-stop for Yehonatan ben Malka, especially up until and including Hanukkah as this is an especially propitious time.

At Sun Nov 27, 05:31:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Mon Nov 28, 10:11:00 AM 2005, Blogger yaak said...

Vulgar language will not be tolerated on this blog. If you have a point to argue, please do so using words befitting the atmosphere of the blog.


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