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Friday, March 16, 2007

Very Interesting Post from BTBY

Blessed To Be Yerushalmi, in Countdown to Redemption, has been advocating immediate mass-aliyah before impending disaster for Hutz La'aretz. He now posts the following incredible post:

Dear Jews! Good Jews! Hashem's special, chosen nation!

Never has such a time period in all of human history held so much potential for the Final Redemption. Look at this...

From the Ramchal's Ma'amar Hageulah:

"It should be known, that the redemption has two appointed stages. We find this in the redemption from Egypt and in the redemption from Babylon, and it is known to us that it will be so in the future.... Regarding these two appointed times...the first called 'safeguarding' (Pekidah)...the second called 'recollection' (zechirah)."

From R' Avraham Sutton's translation of the Zohar, Parashat Vayera (1:119a):

Rabbi Shimon opened his discourse: "And I have remembered My covenant with Yaacov" (Vayikra 26). Yaacov is written here in its full form [i.e. with a Vav]. Why?... This verse refers to Israel’s [last] exile. When they are in the midst of that exile, they will be Recalled [i.e. Pekidah, i.e. a partial redemption, associated with Mashiach ben Yoseph] in the mystery of the Vav [of the Holy Name], in the 6th Millennium.

This Recollection [Pekidah] will take place in the mystery of Vav-Aleph-Vav [i.e. when the letter Vav is spelled out Vav-Aleph-Vav, it attains the numerical value 13]. It will last for a period of 6 1/2 moments [i.e. years] [i.e. half of 13]. [This 6 1/2 year period will come] after 60 years of the 6th Millennium [which correspond to the final Vav of Vav-Aleph-Vav, and parallel the sefirah of Yesod, embodied by Mashiach ben Yoseph] have passed.

...At that time, the G-d of Heaven will arise to Recall [Pekidah] the Daughter of Jacob [the Shechinah and the Nation of Israel]. From that time [of Pekidah] till Zechirah [full Remembrance, full Redemption, Mashiach ben David], 6 1/2 years will pass. After that, another 6 years will pass. Altogether these [60 plus 6 1/2 plus 6] total 72 1/2.

...At that time, all the nations shall unite together against the Daughter of Jacob in order to annihilate her from the world. Concerning that time it is written, "It will be a time of crisis for Jacob, but he shall be saved from it" (Jeremiah 30:7).

Now, we already know from other sources that techiyat hameitim must begin no later than 210 years before the year 6,000 (i.e., 5790) and that kibbutz goliyot begins forty years before that (i.e., 5750 or 1990!) Granted, "sixty years" could refer to any 60 year period of time, but if it in fact refers to the sixtieth year of a hundred year cycle within the sixth millenium, 5760 was the last possible opportunity for this to be fulfilled.

Remember the Yalkut Reuveni: "In the (Jewish) year of 5760, the depths will rise up and flood the world...." The Chesed L’Avraham, (written around 200 years ago) saw 5760 as the year in which G-d will "remove the spirit of impurity from the land." (Zecharia13:2)

Notice the wording again: " [This 6 1/2 year period (Pekidah) will come] after 60 years of the 6th Millennium." Precisely in the very closing hours of Erev Rosh Hashana 5761, after 60 years of the seventh century of the sixth millenium, the Al Aksa Intifada broke out and a "flood" of terrorism and 'natural' disaster rose upon the earth.

People of Israel, 6 1/2 years later is Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5767!!

Furthermore, we have many sources which all agree that just as the first redemption took place in Nissan, so would the final redemption take place in Nissan.

Rabbi Mordechai Nissim commenting on the Ramchal, states:

" a certain moment in creation there is a divine awakening that shifts the world from Safeguarding (Pekidah) into Recollection (Zechirah). At that moment, ... there is a spiritual awakening in the world, and it is as if God Recalls His pact with mankind. "

A lot of people are reporting a deep sense of something like this, particularly since Purim. The way I described it to someone was that it was as if the extra soul we get on Shabbat decided to stay on at Leil Purim and not leave.

The Ramchal again:

"...the impasse, which occurred because of the exile, is opened up...and there is no concealment anymore. ...In the Recollection stage all is in a revealed manner, and not a hidden one, and regarding this it says,'Who is this that comes from Edom' (Isaiah 63,1). From then on Israel will rise up and exit from the exile...."

Time to connect the dots. The Al Aksa Intifada was so named by Divine decree. Our own leaders would not link this war in any way to the battle for 'Jerusalem,' but this is exactly what it was and has been from the very beginning. The rape of the Temple Mount for the building of an underground mosque was an act of war. These reports from today's news detail more acts of 'war.'

PA Chief Justice: Moses was a Prophet of Islam
( Muslim clerics and many Arab leaders, who have denied that the First and Second Temples ever existed and that Ishmael and not Isaac (Yitzchak) was offered by Abraham as a sacrifice, have added a new idea: Abraham. Moses and Jesus actually were prophets of Islam.

Sheikh Taysir Tamimi, chief Palestinian Authority (PA) Justice and one of the most influential Muslim leaders in Israel, told Aaron Klein of Worldnetdaily, "Your Torah was falsified. The text as given to the Muslim prophet Moses never mentions Jerusalem. Maybe Jerusalem was mentioned in the rest of the Torah, which was falsified by the Jews." Tamimi added that the Jewish forefathers, Moses and Jesus were "prophets for the Israelites sent by Allah as to usher in Islam."

Concerning the Old City, he stated, "There is no Jewish connection to Israel before the Jews invaded in the 1880's. About these so-called two Temples, they never existed, certainly not at the Haram Al- Sharif [Temple Mount].

"The Western wall is the western wall of the Al Aqsa Mosque. It's where Prophet Muhammad tied his animal which took him from Mecca to Jerusalem to receive the revelations of Allah."

Turkish Inspectors Due Next Week
( A team of Turkish experts are set to arrive in Israel next week to inspect the site of the Israel Antiquities Authority dig being carried out near the Rambam (Mughrabi) Gate at the entrance to the Temple Mount.

The dig is being carried out in conjunction with repair work on a broken footbridge leading to the Temple Mount which has caused an uproar in the Muslim world. Islamic clerics contend that the work is damaging the nearby Al Aksa Mosque.

A recent visit by a team of UNESCO inspectors documented the fact that no damage has been caused.

Rav Dahan has in the recent past spoken of something important being uncovered in the area of the Temple Mount.

Let me remind you of something else. Why are they digging there right now??? Because a few years ago, some snow and rain and a small earthquake caused a wall to collapse and the land to slide away on this hill. What is happening here in the capital of the Jewish people? ...right now?? ... today??? Only four days before Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5767???? It has been raining for days! And not just rain, but rain and hail and snow and thunder and lightning and high winds all at the same time!! Water has flooded the streets and sidewalks of hilly Jerusalem. All of this is a very rare event, especially in the month of March! Surely Hashem measures it out until it is just exactly what is needed to bring 'cleansing' to his Most Holy Place. And if a little shake is needed to complete the job the weather has begun, that can be arranged, too!

In addition to the sign of Eisav's impending downfall, will Hashem also give us a sign that we have truly transitioned into the Recollection stage? If, as the Ramchal teaches, this stage is all about revealing what has until now been concealed, what might be uncovered? ...and how might it affect the rest of the world??... and us???

B'ezrat Hashem, on motzaei"sh, I hope to relate some of what has been discussed here to the original subject and prepare to complete its revelation. There is no more time now. The Shabbat Queen is already on her way. The remaining hours until then must be devoted to preparing for her arrival. So many beautiful privileges have been granted to the people that Hashem cherishes!! Enjoy them!!!

Shabbat shalom u'mevorach!!!!!!!


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