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Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Yom Kippur, Qom Back to Hashem

The Gemara in Megilla 11a:

רב נחמן בר יצחק פתח לה פתחא להא פרשתא מהכא (תהילים קכד) שיר המעלות [לדוד] לולי ה' שהיה לנו יאמר נא ישראל לולי ה' שהיה לנו בקום עלינו אדם אדם ולא מלך

When Rav Nahman bar Yitzhak started to lecture on Meglilat Esther, he would always use the following verse when opening his lecture: (Tehillim 124) A Song of Ascents; of David. 'If it had not been the LORD who was for us', let Israel now say; If it had not been the LORD who was for us, when men rose up against us - man, but not a king.

As Rashi there points out, this is referring to the non-king Haman, who rose against us trying to wipe us off the map - להשמיד להרוג ולאבד את כל היהודים מנער ועד זקן טף ונשים - as we say in Al HaNisim.
On Yom HaKipurim, 5770, the day that is "like Purim", Haman's spiritual descendant will be רחמנא לצלן conducting war games, whose sole purpose is (בר מינן that such a thing should happen) להשמיד להרוג ולאבד את כל היהודים מנער ועד זקן טף ונשים. And he is no king - he didn't even win his own election!

It's interesting to note that Iran's new nuclear facility (that the U.S. and Europe accuse that its sole purpose is for nuclear weapons and not for civilian purposes) is located in the city of Qom. Perhaps, this is the meaning of:
קום עלינו אדם" A non-king guy is going against us - threatening us with Qom.

But don't forget about the first half of the verse - לולא ה' שהיה לנו - Hashem is rooting on our side. He's rooting for our Teshuva - especially during the Aseret Yemei Teshuva - and especially on Yom HaKippurim, the culmination of these days.

And on that note, I hope that if I offended anyone בין בגלגול זה ובין בגלגול אחר - בין בבלוג זה ובין בבלוג אחר - that I am truly sorry and I hope that you find it in your hearts to forgive me.

I wish everyone an easy and meaningful fast, and Gemar Hatima Tova.


At Wed Sep 30, 09:21:00 AM 2009, Anonymous yoni r. said...

There's no evidence that he didn't win the election - only the accusation of (surprise, surprise) those who supported the loser.

And he was appointed president after the elecetion. If in fact he lost the election, it was under false pretenses, but he was still appointed, and is therefore still president.

At Wed Sep 30, 09:34:00 AM 2009, Blogger yaak said...

I have a stronger question (it may be what you're saying in the second paragraph) - if he's the president without being elected, that's more of a reason why he should be called a "Melech".

Perhaps, we can answer via another angle - the "Supreme Leader" has more power than he does, so he cannot be called "Melech", but just an "Adam".


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