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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rahm Al Kol Goyim in Chicago

This question is answered positively.  Is having a Jewish mayor a positive thing?  Is having Rahm as mayor a positive thing? We will soon see.  Perhaps, this will keep him away from foreign relations.  So for that, I wish him Mazal Tov.

For 50th Ward Alderman, there was a particularly nasty race going on between 2 Jews which split the Orthodox Jewish community and has still not been decided.  I don't remember getting so many positive and negative ads in my mailbox before.  With 97% reporting, incumbent Bernard Stone got 37.2% and Debra Silverstein got 33.8% of the vote.  A runoff will decide the winner on April 5th.

The Tribune reports (link inside the article is added):
Ald. Bernard Stone, 50th, the council's second-longest serving member who narrowly won in a runoff contest four years ago, was locked in another tight election battle with a new opponent, Debra Silverstein. She's a CPA, political worker and neighborhood volunteer who is the wife of the ward's Democratic committeeman.
"It's been a tough fight," said Stone, who was flanked by members of his family. "According to the totals that we have so far, it would indicate that it's going to be a runoff in April, but we faced that twice before (and) we were victorious."
Silverstein said by phone Tuesday night that she was proud of the results and looking forward to running against Stone in the runoff.
"I am confident we are going to be victorious," Silverstein said. "I'm completely confident that I am qualified to be the ward's next alderman."


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