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Thursday, May 09, 2013


We Often Want
What Outsiders Wield.
We Ought to Wonder
Whether the Omnipresent Wanted
Women Offended While
Weak Or Whether
Women's Order is Well-established.

Women Of the Wall,
What Obnoxious Weirdos! 
Why Oh Why
Would Objectionable Womenfolk
Want Our Wall
Wearing Objects Whose
Women's Obligation is Wanting?

Women FOr the Wall,
What Outstanding Wisdom!
While Our Wall
Would Outlast World-powers,
Women Obscurely Worshipped,
Wailing OWhispering,
Wishing Only Wholeness.

Which One Will
Win Out When
Women Of the Wall
Weaken Our Wholeness
While Offending the Wise?
Wars Over Worship
Won't Offer Winnings.


At Thu May 09, 05:43:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs said as he was dying and moving into the tunnel of light....." Oh wow oh wow oh wow". That's what I thought before I opened your full blog.

At Thu May 09, 06:17:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Cleverness is the rule here. Shlomo HaMelekh had to find a clever way of executing Shimei for cursing his father David. Wisdom is called for here. Set up a 3rd section next to the holiest part of...the Southern Wall of Herod's Temple. Most leftwing Jews won't know the difference since in their minds, Jerusalem is no more holy than let us say Tokyo. So what are a few feet and a turn around the corner for such folk. It really wouldn't matter for them. If the Holy of Holies is just another spot on the globe, they will gladly relocate to the Southern Wall of the Temple Mt. end of discussion. The key is to deal cleverly with the wicked especially if it helps to avoid bloodshed. Sell it as the opportunity of a lifetime! a great place to commune with G-d

At Fri May 10, 01:42:00 AM 2013, Blogger Cosmic X said...


At Fri May 10, 05:52:00 AM 2013, Anonymous FinchleyRoad said...

Dov, it would be great to move this lot 'round the corner' but as their motivation is to needle the Torah world, I fear they're going to agitate at the the Wall until they get their own way. Like spoilt, shouty children throwing tantrums, all they can do is desecrate the holiness they see in others, but they themselves lack. Maybe it'll be a stand-off between those For the Wall and those Of the Wall?

At Fri May 10, 09:11:00 AM 2013, Blogger Neshama said...

Doesn't the southern wall contain the entrances (the archways are evident to ths day) where all Am Yisrael entered to offer their Korbanos?

There is nothing wrong with women wearing a large garment to cover her head when davening. In fact, if as an offshoot, men can concentrate better, so could women. There were times when i felt that i needed a cover.

Tefillin is another story. And reading from the Torah scroll, I don't know if ths is allowed or not ... It might be. All this is covered in Halacha. Don't know why men get so threatened by women? If they were ignored it wouldn't be a cause celibre! Everyone wants a fight nowadays. That should tell you that we are in a state of greater middas hadin.

I live a very traditional lifestyle. However I realize the younger generation is always going to be different than those more mature. It was that way when I was in my 20's. So why should it be any different nowadays. We are still headed for the Geula!

At Fri May 10, 09:17:00 AM 2013, Blogger Neshama said...

The world is populated with both men and, in case you haven't noticed, women too! This fighting and antagonism, and trying to keep the female created by HaShem, "in her place" is so "Islamic" and passé.

And those attacks and threats of injury/death on a female Knesset member is disgraceful and unconscionable.

At Fri May 10, 10:49:00 AM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Neshama: There might be a real problem with kareit for a Jewish woman to come in contact with a Torah scroll while she is in a state of Nidah. Since Nidah and the days of taharah are approximately 12 days out of every 28 or 30 days, that is at least 40% of a woman's long period of going through the cycle of reproduction and fertility. Is it worth one's Olam HaBa to risk kareit in order to prove a point in equality. The issue of tefillin is likely also a problem during nidah too.

You are right about a tallis, but the tallis is a man's hair covering during prayer along with doing the positive commandment of tzitzit. A married woman, divorcee, or widow does not need another hair covering. Such women already cover their hair already. Therefore the need for a talit gadol is a bit redundant. And with single men, a talit gadol is not necessary anyway unless he is a shaliach tzibbur or a Ba'al Koreh. Under most circumstances single men do not wear a talit gadol. They only wear a talit katan.

The inyan of a zachor is to be obligated in time dependent mitvot Aseh. The word zachor refers to being male but also to positive commandments. The essence of the word Zachar is both these things. Women are not obligated because their essence is nekeivah, to be mekabel as a vessel for qedushah. Men in a sense have to work harder for the spiritual status where women are naturally at. The whole essence of covering one's hair if married is proof of this. Upon marriage, a woman already has this aura that married men obtain while they are davening. When men are not davening (a time dependent positve commandment), the aura leaves him. So he no longer needs to fully cover his hair. I doubt very much that these WOW even can conceive of any of this. They are engaging in Reform outrage which will only diminish when American Jews cease to have influence in Eretz Yisrael. Voting for Obama in large numbers should serve to bankrupt their chosen nation, America, over the next 2 years. Then they will need to rent a paddleboat to get here from New York to cause trouble.

At Fri May 10, 04:54:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen folks: These women of the Wall are not only a bunch of whackos but are a radical feminist political group that literally wants to desecrate and undo Torah in EY. Don't you get it yet? This has nothing to do with praying - these women are from the Reform movement and are determined to get their way. They do not understand or know the laws of Torah and just are there to provoke and eventually (they think) will undo the holiness of the Kotel (the last remnant of the Beit HaMikdash). Would anyone dare to go to an Orthodox shul and desecrate it? No. Well, the Kotel is even more than a regular shul - it is a remnant of the Temple in the holy City of Yerushalaim. This is pure heresy. Their goal, as Anat Hoffman, admitted in her interview by the BBC, is to change Torah in Israel (and thus, probably changing Judaism in general worldwide). They will, of course, fail! Cannot understand why there are still posters here that stand up for this desecration.

At Sat May 11, 01:02:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, the want to destroy the holiness of the Torah. But I must apologize about one thing. I checked it out over Shabbat. According to Yoreh Dei'ah siman 282, a woman in nidah is allowed to touch a Sefer Torah, to hold it, and to even read from it. So the issue with these WOW is not a halakhic issue. The issues are hashkafic in that they want to destroy the distinctions between men and women in Jewish life, specifically regarding our roles in Creation. I am sorry for that one point in my previous comment about the possibility of a woman in nidah receiving karet for holding a sefer Torah. I hold by the other statements.

At Sat May 11, 02:02:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

After thinking about this, it begins to make sense why the Rabbanim who run the Kotel Plaza wanted to make allowances for these women, as bizarre as their hashkafah is to Torah Judaism. Halakhically, they have two legs to stand on. Women can read from the Torah to each other even with trop. They can put on a tallit gadol and even tefillin al pi halakhah even if they have no obligation to do so. So this is where "Do not mix" as a halahkah comes into play. Most women coming to the Kotel don't want this which the WOW wanted to do. So setting aside a separate section makes sense. I remember at the Agudah in St. Louis, there were some men who wore tefillin during Shacharit of Chol HaMoed, and some (most) who did not. During Shacharit there was an actual Mechitzah between the two groups of men even though we were davening together. After Shmoneh Esrei or Hallel, the men wearing tefillin, took off their tefillin, I believe, right after Hallel before Torah reading. So then the mechitzah came down.

So an option was created for these WOW to "daven" separately on Rosh Chodesh so that they could do their thing as long as it was halakhically permitted. Yet, it seems they chose the path of provocation, to force their way on the majority of women who did not want to wear talleisim and to hear women reading from the Torah. The WOW women were not content to do their own thing separately. They were there to destroy what others were doing. This is evil. I am sure that most of the money to bully others around is coming from the New Israel Fund or some other American group that wants to destroy the sanctity of our Torah. And they tried to do it just before Shavuot too. One can only hope that every dollar that they raise from some left wing nut in America is simply worth a lot less. Then there will be less of this in the future.

At Sun May 12, 11:16:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men who do not want to hear the voice of a women reading from the Torah or leading prayers also have rights (the halacha can rule on whether it is permissible for a man to hear these things - is it Kol Esha or not) but does anybody care to respect the rights of these men? The "Supreme" atheistic court of the Eruv Rav government has ruled that these men have NO rights. Just like they want to remove exemptions from army service, and reduce government financial to "full time" Yeshiva students.Anybody want to fight the Eruv Rav? A few ways to beat the Eruv Rav - make sure to get rid of Chometz before the sixth hour (because that is when the Eruv Rav made the Egel - ALSO daven Mincha gedola (that corresponds to the Erev rav - the big evening) - this is per the Vilna Gaon. Also stop giving honor to the atheistic "leaders" of klal yisrael at fund raising dinners or other events.


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